If at first you don’t succeed…

Then try, try again! I think both of us were a little realistic that Jenn wouldn’t get pregnant on the first try. Nonetheless it was still disappointing and a little sad to see a negative pregnancy test (not just one but more like 6!) throughout the last week and a half while over-analyzing every little symptom for possible signs of pregnancy and not quite believing it was a no until the very last hurrah – Jenn got her period today. At least we know that we can try again next month since we already paid for another straw last time (which if you recall, Ty placed in storage for us for FREE! in case we needed to try again). All we need to pay is the shipping fees and we’ll be set to go again next month….we’ve scheduled delivery for August 10th and I’ll have to take my lunch break to run to FedEx to pick up the shipment since it is a weekday but that’s okay. Hopefully we can time this right and get it earlier rather than later like last time and avoid some undue stress!



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