Third Time is the Charm? I hope so…

Well disappointment strikes again and we are not pregnant. We were so stressed out because we wanted to try again come September but we knew we wouldn’t have enough money after our vacation to pay the nearly $1000 for one more go. Nevertheless, J’s mom came to our rescue and bought the next round of sperm for us, all we had to pay was the $200 shipping fee. THANK YOU! We are, once again, hopeful, yet cautious, that this try will be THE ONE, but I guess you can never know with these things for sure. We got the tank in today and we are going to be trying again closer to the weekend once we get the positive OPK. If it doesn’t work this time, then I think we are going to go see Dr. C again and ask for some bloodwork and J may have to go on fertility drugs like Clomid….I hope it doesn’t come down to that. She doesn’t tolerate hormones or pills very well and I just hope we can do this as naturally as two lesbians can. We’ve been looking at this fertility clinic up near her workplace, but it looks closed. I can’t find anything online about it either so we’re kind of at a loss. We love our NYC donor, Todd, but if its cheaper we may have to go with a closer donor if we can figure out anything about this local fertility clinic and the services they offer. So…here we go yet again…keeping our fingers and toes crossed as we prepare for our third try.

Wish us luck!




Ok, so a little off topic here but my birthday was AMAZING. Not only was Death Cab for Cutie phenomenal, but J & I had the best time just hanging out together. We’ve never really had a weekend get-away like this and everything from the drive up to Atlanta, the concert, and seeing my bestie in Brunswick, GA before heading home was wonderful. Oh, and the World of Coke in Atlanta was super-fun too. Note to any future visitors….DO NOT try Italy’s soda! That is, unless you like the taste of cranberry vodka mixed with acetone. LOL

Regardless, no news yet if we are pregnant this time, but we are hopeful. We are hoping for a YES of course, what a great belated birthday present THAT would be!

Sorry for the short post, but nothing much to report other than we are home safe and sound and had a wonderful long weekend. Not looking forward to work tomorrow, but who is after a vacation??

So until next week….


Here we go again!

So much for avoiding undue stress! We ordered according to the period tracker so that we would have the sperm on time for ovulation yet lo and behold she ovulated earlier than predicted AGAIN this month! Ty was once again super helpful and got our sperm shipped to us overnight and we inseminated on day 2 of the positive OPK, just like last month. There wasn’t as much excitement or hoopla this time around but that’s okay, I think we relaxed knowing what we were doing (sort of!). My birthday is next weekend and we are driving up to Atlanta to see my favorite band perform live, Death Cab for Cutie. I can’t wait – this is one of the first big trips we have taken alone together and I am sure it will be super fun. The best birthday present I could ask for, though, is a positive pregnancy test! I am hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed. We’ll know yes or no by the 20th so I’ll post to you then! Wish us luck!