WTF is going on here!

So we tried again on the 1st after we got the positive OPK…nothing overly special or different this time, other than we tried the 1st day we got the positive OPK and we inseminated first thing in the morning and J even skipped work to keep her legs above her head LOL It really is quite humorous to see but of course I can’t post any pics lest she murder me. 😉 We have a good feeling about this time, both of us, but neither of us really want to get our hopes up.

For starters…we have both been analyzing every little thing to death, from hiccups to hunger, each 2 week wait we’ve had since we’ve started this journey. That being said, let me now say that this is most definitely the weirdest 2WW we’ve had yet. J’s feeling much different this time, she feels full and fluttery in her uterus, she’s hungry beyond belief, keeps feeling sick in the mornings, and not to mention her boobs are the size of watermelons now! Ok, ok, not literally the size of watermelons, but something is seriously up with them. They’ve gotten darker near the nipple and HURT like a mo-fo … way worse than her normal PMS. Of course we go to the God of the Internet (Google!) and type in some of her symptoms and search. We’ve found an awesome website called and we’ve been patrolling their section for 2WW symptoms ( A lot of the things girls have said on there are eerily similar to the things J is experiencing, but since our two previous attempts failed, we are reluctant to get our hopes up…too high at least.

So for now we are stuck for the next week and half or so, analyzing every little thing like we always do, and trying not to go crazy waiting until we find out. Oh and of course she’s peed on like 5 sticks so far and they are all negatives…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll know by next weekend, I think.


Ok, bye for now.



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