Something’s up…

…that’s for sure. I think J got pregnant and something went wrong. She got her period on the 16th, and it started out with 3 days of spotting before she actually started bleeding. Not to get too graphic here but seriously…she bleed so much and her period lasted for 9 DAYS. Her norm is about 7 and although its usually on the heavy side this was like nothing she’d dealt with before. We both talked about it and we are in agreement – something is up.

So…we are going to make an appointment with Dr. C soon and see if we can get some answers. We’ve tried three times with no success, and J brought up an interesting point – when she was younger her OB/GYN told her that she had low progesterone. Leave it to me to Google it and find out that having lower levels of progesterone can cause you to miscarry because your body doesn’t realize you are pregnant! So this could very well be what may have happened to us this time.

We are out of money towards baby-making anyway, so this “break” comes at a good time, I guess. We are sad we can’t try again but after this last time…we’re both scratching our heads wondering WTF. Hopefully Dr. C will have some answers for us.



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