What a Year!

My birthday in August always marks the beginning of what, for us, is The Busiest Time of the Year. Birthdays galore from August to November and then throw the holidays in there from November to December! J always gets down about her birthday because it is always around Thanksgiving. Luckily her cousin Betti took us and their cousin Chelsea to the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando for a combo birthday bash. We just had a good time hanging out and laughing all night. We didn’t do much – just shopped some, had dinner, and went downstairs for pina coladas. Not to mention we bought an ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry’s for a joint birthday cake…however it didn’t quite turn out right. LOL

What it should have looked like…

What we got…

EPIC FAIL. Regardless we had a GREAT time with Betti and Chelsea … it was a well-deserved and much-needed girl’s weekend!

J’s actual birthday in November didn’t go so well…first off she had family issues, and then we tried to go to the spa for her birthday (neither of us have EVER been to a spa!) so I didn’t know to make reservations ahead of time and the spa-day just didn’t happen for us. So I made an appointment at another (better!) spa for the following weekend and we had a birthday do-over which turned out WAY better. πŸ™‚ Then we were supposed to have a vacation to NYC to get married but J didn’t have enough time off of work to go, nor did we have the money anyway, so we just stayed home and went to see Dr. C about what we should do next in regards to getting pregnant.

She had some good news for us – she didn’t think we were crazy about J possibly miscarrying, and she thinks that is what happened. It feels sad to think we miscarried, but at the same time, it wasn’t long enough and we never got a positive so I guess we could say it just didn’t feel like we were ever pregnant. Regardless, Dr. C referred us to the Viera Fertility Clinic we’ve been having our eyes on (yes it does exist!) and she wasn’t sure if they did donor sperm services but she did know they do surrogate mothers so the chance is good. Dr. C also put her on a 14 day course of progesterone to clear out her uterus so we did that and she should have had her period on the 29th (it’ll be a doozy Dr C says LOL) but so far, no sight of it.

Hanukkah and Christmas were both good (we have now dubbed it Chronukkah LOL) and we all got good gifts and gave some good ones in return. We’ll be doing cake decorating classes next year courtesy of the A Family (my family) which is what we asked for and couldn’t be happier about. We want to start our own cheesecake shop one day and although we are pretty good so far, we want to learn as much as we can…here’s a cake we made and decorated for my boss for his holiday gift from my team at work:

We’ve been talking throughout 2011 with both sets of our parents about hopefully having a wedding sometime next year in the Spring so we can do this and get it over with. I know that sounds horrible but we are just so tired of waiting and planning for something that just keeps never happening…for the last 3 years! We’re ready to do this! However, once we started planning and saw the price tag on a modest yet decent wedding for only 50 people (strictly family and a few close friends, we have dubbed it Our Big Fat Jewish Wedding since I only have 5 family members….total! LOL)…we have given up our dream of the white dresses, the huppah, the dinner reception and dancing all night and everything else that goes along with a fab wedding. We are sad about it but in the end it just made the most sense. Our lesbian friends Ninda (that’s what we call them and they call us Benn) just got married in DC on the 22nd and to be honest, we are a little jealous. They’ve only been together for 10 months and they managed to get married when its something we’ve been wanting and trying to do for almost 3 years now. Its just frustrating that we haven’t been able to get this show on the road yet!

Anyway, we have high hopes for 2012…we found a house we want to buy and are just hoping it doesn’t go on the market before we’re ready to buy it (6-8 months or so!). We’re planning for pregnancy this year and have an appointment with the fertility doctor on January 16 and hoping to start trying again in February or March. And finally, FINALLY, we are getting married (just us two!) in DC in April…we bought the plane tickets today in fact! πŸ™‚ Finally things are looking up for us and we are very excited about this new year and what it will bring. I hope that we accomplish each of our goals and experience success in our all endeavors. Hurray!

Happy New Year from us to you!!

-B & J


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