Making Progress

I should have written this last week but its been hectic around here! Last Monday was the 1st bloodwork day for the progesterone and as I said before J started her period earlier than expected so everything else got moved up a little. The 2nd round of bloodwork was last Thursday where they tested for all kinds of STD’s, Cystic Fibrosis, more hormones, and did the 2 hour glucose test. Boy was that fun! We sat at Quest for the glucose test after she had 8 (count ‘em EIGHT!) vials of blood taken just for the other stuff. Then she had to chug the orange sugar sludge and try not to throw up. You could see it on her face that she was not a fan, nor was her body. I felt so bad for her, I know she was especially worried since being on the lower carb diet and she was concerned it would throw her off. She went back for her 9th vial of blood at the one hour after chugging the sugar sludge, then again for the 10th vial at the 2 hour mark, then we were free to go! It made her SICK. She was ill for the rest of the day, so I’m glad we had off.

So here we are nearly a week later and tomorrow is the 3rd and final test…no bloodwork this time at least (her veins need a break thank goodness). Tomorrow is the HSG and she is nervous. I don’t blame her, it is supposed to be fairly painful during and afterwards. I know she will be okay, but I hate seeing her so worried. Plus the nurse who gave her the pre-procedure instructions said that she wasn’t sure if I could go in with her, not because we’re gay or anything like that but because there are a lot of people in this tiny room and there just may not be enough space for me to come too. I know J is really worried and bummed out about that, but I told her that we would just have to see once we got there and if I could I would definitely be in there holding her hand.

Incidentally tomorrow is our 4th anniversary…I can’t believe it has been that long already. We always joke and say “do you still love me after all these years?” Of course, the answer is always “yes!” I know people think that romance dies or tapers off, but I still get excited when she calls me on the phone or when I see her after work. I still get excited for our anniversary each year and even excited just to sleep and snuggle together each night. I think we have a great relationship and it is only getting better year after year. I love her with everything I am and could never have asked for a better partner or friend in this life. I can’t wait to get married in April, and I’m so excited to start working towards starting our family. With this being the final round of fertility testing I feel like we will finally have some answers and be making good progress towards starting our family.

And in other news, we bought the baby swing/bouncer combo on sale at Target for 50% off! We just couldn’t pass up that good of a deal, and you may think its hokey, but we see it as a focusing object for what we want to come to fruition. So there it sits in its box, waiting for the day when we take down our home gym and start setting up the baby’s room. I can’t wait for the day we get that + sign, and I just have a feeling it will be soon. I feel like we are much more prepared emotionally and financially this time, and especially going to the doctor will just increase our odds that much more. I feel like we are doing it right this time, having a set date for our wedding and trying to go in the “right order”. That’s important to us, being lesbians doesn’t mean we don’t have traditional values after all.

Anywho, I suppose I should bring this to a close. Wish us luck tomorrow and I will keep you posted once we have the follow up appointment to find out all of the results…sometime later in February!

Until then…



Time Sensitive

Oy vey…Why is it that the one time J’s perfectly timed cycle needs to stay on track it has to switch everything up? In my previous post I told you about all the bloodwork and tests she’s got to get done, so we went ahead and scheduled days off of work for herself and for me so that I could take her to the different appointments as needed. Ok, no problem! Right… she has to go on cycle days 21-24 for her progesterone test, check. She did that on Monday the 23rd. Then she is due to get her period on Monday the 30th so we set up her next appointment for cycle days 2-3 for Wednesday February 1…and then she got her period today. Yep that’s right, a whole week earlier. Therefore, we now had to move our entire schedule around and we are now off on Thursday the 26th for her other hormone tests, the glucose test, and cystic fibrosis test, plus she has an eye doctor appointment that day. Oh boy. Now on the 1st we still have to take time off to go do the HSG which has to be during cycle days 7-10.

I tell you what, timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to this stuff! All I can figure is she has just been so stressed out lately, and my hormones have been all out of whack regulating my own period (I have PCOS & insulin resistance too and over the last 3 years have lost about 65 pounds which means that all of a sudden my body decides to start working and I’ve now had a month-long period of doom…but that’s a whole other can of worms!). So…we now have different appointment dates but at least everything is getting out of the way sooner than expected…she’s not looking forward to it all but at least she’s got one test down and … well, seems like 100 more to go.

Here’s hoping everything else goes off without a hitch!


P.S. GOOD NEWS ALERT!! We checked with Ty at NY Cryos about their policies on donor testing for Cystic Fibrosis and each of their donors HAVE to test negative for the 97 mutations in order to donate. They even said if she tests positive to send them the results and they will double-check to make sure the mutation she is positive for was definitely one they tested Todd for. YAY! At least something is going our way and we can stay with our cute donor with the big brown eyes…so excited and happy about this at least!

Off to a Running Start!

We were all set up to visit the fertility doctor (he’s a reproductive endocrinologist – cool!) today but I was given the opportunity to work and make 2.5 times my pay…which is A LOT for me…so of course I signed up! We have to pay for this baby somehow and on top of J’s mandatory 8+ hours a week of overtime all month, it worked out and I feel like I contributed now. J went to the doctor on her own and promptly called me to tell me all the details afterwards. In summary:

1)      Doc  did an ultrasound and everything structurally looks well and good…it also looks like she is about to ovulate (and she has big ol’ ovaries which she says means she would have had huge balls if she had been born a boy. I told her I wasn’t sure that was a good thing…LOL

2)      He was also pretty upset that she had been on the progesterone…he said it really wasn’t necessary, hence the lack of “horrific, doozy of a period”. He also doesn’t think she will need any type of fertility drugs like Clomid to make her ovulate since it looks like everything is normally functional all on its own…which is a good thing because she does NOT handle medications well and was worried about pumping herself full of hormones! He doesn’t seem to be one to push meds so hopefully we can avoid that altogether!

3)      They can store the sperm from NY Cryos there at their office so we could lessen our financial hit by ordering a few vials up front and only paying ONE $250 shipping fee.

4)      He can/will give her an HCG trigger shot to force ovulation when it comes time to start trying and that will give him a time-frame to inseminate there in the office. This is good because we have a much higher chance of getting pregnant easier and sooner than if we were to try again at home…she’s OK with this, so I’m OK with this too.

5)      She is going to be stuck by needles over the next few weeks…a lot. Like, seriously a lot. They have to check all of her hormone levels at different times of her cycle, plus she needs to get checked for Cystic Fibrosis (her grandma died from it and it could be bad if she is a carrier and our donor Todd is a carrier so we HAVE to get this checked out) and they are doing a 2-hour glucose test where she has to drink the nasty sugar water and try not to puke everywhere. Fun.

6)      She has to go on a low-carb diet…she’s got a pretty severe case of insulin resistance which is why she hasn’t been losing weight anymore and it can lead to her having full-on diabetes in a few years and/or gestational diabetes once she does get pregnant. Coming from my family chock-full of diabetics, I know this is NOT the way to go if you can do anything to help it.

7)      She has to go and get a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done where they shoot dye into your uterus and let it flow out of your fallopian tubes to check for any obstructions or blockages or deformities. It is supposed to be fairly painful so we’ll have to take the day off work to do that so she can go home to rest afterwards.

I think that’s everything…oh he also gave us a sperm bank that he does a lot of work with called Fairfax outside of Washington DC. It’d be awesome to just pick up the samples when we are there in April but …. We looked up some donors and found two we liked enough but when we ordered their pictures…let’s just say NO WAY. They sounded good and all but Todd just has a special place in our hearts. We need to email Ty at NY Cryos to find out if they test for Cystic Fibrosis or not and cross the next bridge when we get that answer…let’s hope its good news.

All in all this was a SUPER productive visit and although it is crazy expensive to see this guy ($200 copay…COPAY with INSURANCE!!) she really likes him and was very comfortable with him and his staff. I think this is VITAL so I’m OK with all this too. I am so glad we were referred and got some good answers and of course, a good plan for what to do next in baby-making-land. I’m really excited and I think that we will get pregnant pretty easily and hopefully quickly this time around. Not only are we more emotionally  and financially prepared, but I think physically the roadblocks just won’t be there. Or if they are, then at least we are in the good hands of a doctor that knows his stuff! 🙂

I can’t wait to start turning the pages of this baby-making journey … we have many doctor’s appointments, tests, and blood draws coming up in the next month or two and hopefully by March we will have the green light to go ahead and order a few vials of baby batter so we can get this show on the road. I feel way more prepared and confident this time, and I know she does too. We are just ready to be pregnant already!!

More to come…


New Year, New Plans

So 2012 is here and off to a rapid start as always! We’ve booked our flight and hotel for DC and our wedding (YAY!) We are so excited about all of the changes headed our way – physically, emotionally, and financially of course. I got an awesome raise at work and am looking to work my way up in the company. We are both doing well in our degrees and learning all that we can about business and law so we can be better prepared to open our own business (hopefully in the not-too-far future! We have a 5-year plan LOL). Not to mention PREGNANCY! We have an appointment on January 16 with a reproductive endocrinologist that we are really looking forward to. We are excited for all the plans we have made for our lives and family this year and can’t wait to get this party started!

I’m so excited, and very happy you have come along for the ride. Let’s do 2012 right!