New Year, New Plans

So 2012 is here and off to a rapid start as always! We’ve booked our flight and hotel for DC and our wedding (YAY!) We are so excited about all of the changes headed our way – physically, emotionally, and financially of course. I got an awesome raise at work and am looking to work my way up in the company. We are both doing well in our degrees and learning all that we can about business and law so we can be better prepared to open our own business (hopefully in the not-too-far future! We have a 5-year plan LOL). Not to mention PREGNANCY! We have an appointment on January 16 with a reproductive endocrinologist that we are really looking forward to. We are excited for all the plans we have made for our lives and family this year and can’t wait to get this party started!

I’m so excited, and very happy you have come along for the ride. Let’s do 2012 right!



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