Off to a Running Start!

We were all set up to visit the fertility doctor (he’s a reproductive endocrinologist – cool!) today but I was given the opportunity to work and make 2.5 times my pay…which is A LOT for me…so of course I signed up! We have to pay for this baby somehow and on top of J’s mandatory 8+ hours a week of overtime all month, it worked out and I feel like I contributed now. J went to the doctor on her own and promptly called me to tell me all the details afterwards. In summary:

1)      Doc  did an ultrasound and everything structurally looks well and good…it also looks like she is about to ovulate (and she has big ol’ ovaries which she says means she would have had huge balls if she had been born a boy. I told her I wasn’t sure that was a good thing…LOL

2)      He was also pretty upset that she had been on the progesterone…he said it really wasn’t necessary, hence the lack of “horrific, doozy of a period”. He also doesn’t think she will need any type of fertility drugs like Clomid to make her ovulate since it looks like everything is normally functional all on its own…which is a good thing because she does NOT handle medications well and was worried about pumping herself full of hormones! He doesn’t seem to be one to push meds so hopefully we can avoid that altogether!

3)      They can store the sperm from NY Cryos there at their office so we could lessen our financial hit by ordering a few vials up front and only paying ONE $250 shipping fee.

4)      He can/will give her an HCG trigger shot to force ovulation when it comes time to start trying and that will give him a time-frame to inseminate there in the office. This is good because we have a much higher chance of getting pregnant easier and sooner than if we were to try again at home…she’s OK with this, so I’m OK with this too.

5)      She is going to be stuck by needles over the next few weeks…a lot. Like, seriously a lot. They have to check all of her hormone levels at different times of her cycle, plus she needs to get checked for Cystic Fibrosis (her grandma died from it and it could be bad if she is a carrier and our donor Todd is a carrier so we HAVE to get this checked out) and they are doing a 2-hour glucose test where she has to drink the nasty sugar water and try not to puke everywhere. Fun.

6)      She has to go on a low-carb diet…she’s got a pretty severe case of insulin resistance which is why she hasn’t been losing weight anymore and it can lead to her having full-on diabetes in a few years and/or gestational diabetes once she does get pregnant. Coming from my family chock-full of diabetics, I know this is NOT the way to go if you can do anything to help it.

7)      She has to go and get a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done where they shoot dye into your uterus and let it flow out of your fallopian tubes to check for any obstructions or blockages or deformities. It is supposed to be fairly painful so we’ll have to take the day off work to do that so she can go home to rest afterwards.

I think that’s everything…oh he also gave us a sperm bank that he does a lot of work with called Fairfax outside of Washington DC. It’d be awesome to just pick up the samples when we are there in April but …. We looked up some donors and found two we liked enough but when we ordered their pictures…let’s just say NO WAY. They sounded good and all but Todd just has a special place in our hearts. We need to email Ty at NY Cryos to find out if they test for Cystic Fibrosis or not and cross the next bridge when we get that answer…let’s hope its good news.

All in all this was a SUPER productive visit and although it is crazy expensive to see this guy ($200 copay…COPAY with INSURANCE!!) she really likes him and was very comfortable with him and his staff. I think this is VITAL so I’m OK with all this too. I am so glad we were referred and got some good answers and of course, a good plan for what to do next in baby-making-land. I’m really excited and I think that we will get pregnant pretty easily and hopefully quickly this time around. Not only are we more emotionally  and financially prepared, but I think physically the roadblocks just won’t be there. Or if they are, then at least we are in the good hands of a doctor that knows his stuff! 🙂

I can’t wait to start turning the pages of this baby-making journey … we have many doctor’s appointments, tests, and blood draws coming up in the next month or two and hopefully by March we will have the green light to go ahead and order a few vials of baby batter so we can get this show on the road. I feel way more prepared and confident this time, and I know she does too. We are just ready to be pregnant already!!

More to come…



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