Time Sensitive

Oy vey…Why is it that the one time J’s perfectly timed cycle needs to stay on track it has to switch everything up? In my previous post I told you about all the bloodwork and tests she’s got to get done, so we went ahead and scheduled days off of work for herself and for me so that I could take her to the different appointments as needed. Ok, no problem! Right…..so she has to go on cycle days 21-24 for her progesterone test, check. She did that on Monday the 23rd. Then she is due to get her period on Monday the 30th so we set up her next appointment for cycle days 2-3 for Wednesday February 1…and then she got her period today. Yep that’s right, a whole week earlier. Therefore, we now had to move our entire schedule around and we are now off on Thursday the 26th for her other hormone tests, the glucose test, and cystic fibrosis test, plus she has an eye doctor appointment that day. Oh boy. Now on the 1st we still have to take time off to go do the HSG which has to be during cycle days 7-10.

I tell you what, timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to this stuff! All I can figure is she has just been so stressed out lately, and my hormones have been all out of whack regulating my own period (I have PCOS & insulin resistance too and over the last 3 years have lost about 65 pounds which means that all of a sudden my body decides to start working and I’ve now had a month-long period of doom…but that’s a whole other can of worms!). So…we now have different appointment dates but at least everything is getting out of the way sooner than expected…she’s not looking forward to it all but at least she’s got one test down and … well, seems like 100 more to go.

Here’s hoping everything else goes off without a hitch!


P.S. GOOD NEWS ALERT!! We checked with Ty at NY Cryos about their policies on donor testing for Cystic Fibrosis and each of their donors HAVE to test negative for the 97 mutations in order to donate. They even said if she tests positive to send them the results and they will double-check to make sure the mutation she is positive for was definitely one they tested Todd for. YAY! At least something is going our way and we can stay with our cute donor with the big brown eyes…so excited and happy about this at least!


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