I am sitting here in the dentist office waiting on Jenn to get her cavity checked out. We have our appointment with the fertility doctor at 10 and we are both so nervous/excited to hear about the results of all the bloodwork she had last month. I am always the optimist and think everything will be okay.

As I’m waiting in the dentist’s waiting room a mom with two little girls and a boy come in. He is getting a cleaning and she’s keeping the other two in line…well trying to. Kids are a handful, and I get that, but I am so ready to start on our journey of motherhood. Despite those moments when you want to wring their necks because they are driving you crazy, there are those moments that make it all worth it:

“Mommy read with me!”

“Mommy look what I did!”

“Mommy I love you.”

I can’t wait to have our own munchkin to hold in my arms and protect and love…hopefully sooner rather than later.

Our soonest possible insemination is only 11 days away, as long as all the tests come back with good results. I can’t believe it could be less than two weeks until we are on our own journey to motherhood. I’m amazed, and I’m feeling good about it all 🙂

I’ll post the results later…



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