All I can say is WOW.

We went to the fertility doctor yesterday and it was my first experience with the whole thing. We checked in a little late due to J’s dentist appointment running over and had to wait for two other women to be seen first. Once we were called, the nurse took us back to take J’s vitals, check her weight (she’s down 10 pounds after a month on the low-carb diet YAY!), and then we were ushered off to a lounge/meeting area. This office is definitely well-dressed.

So we wait about 5 minutes for the doctor to come in and he brings in her chart and her HSG results. Everything with the HSG was perfect, so that’s a relief that she doesn’t have any blockages in her tubes or anything abnormal in there. Next comes the bloodwork and we find out exactly what he suspected: she is insulin resistant and what is happening is that 2 hours or so after eating her blood sugar is dropping too low (she was a 47 after her 2 hour glucose test, but at least she never left the “normal” range even once her sugar spiked at 1 hour). He advised her if she feels a little dizzy or lightheaded a couple hours after eating to just have a small snack and some juice to get some natural sugar in there to clear out the extra insulin. Easy enough! So in reviewing the blood work we find that she doesn’t have any STD’s (no surprise there) and her estrogen is fine. The only problem is that she isn’t producing enough progesterone which means…she didn’t ovulate.

Now if you remember my previous posts or just have some common sense you can figure out that no ovulation = no chance of getting pregnant. I could tell she was devastated! The words flashed across her face without her having to actually say anything… “Its my fault we’re not pregnant…something’s wrong with me.” I squeezed her hand, silently assuring her that everything would be okay. The doctor went over everything and gave us his recommended course of action: Clomid for 5 days (to prepare her follicles for ovulation) and then a shot of Ovidrel to force ovulation. She’ll take the Clomid and then has an ultrasound back in his office to make sure follicles are ready to go and that there aren’t more than 4 or 5 (basically his words were “We don’t want any reality shows around here, so if you’re going to release a ton of eggs we don’t want to inseminate and give you septuplets!”). So she goes in again on 2/29 (when I am in New Orleans nonetheless – I am very upset about this!!) and as long as the ultrasound shows all is well in egg-land then she’ll get the Ovidrel shot that day and the insemination will probably be that Friday.

Yep, you heard right…Friday March 2 is the tentative day of baby-making. I can’t believe it! It feels like this whole process has taken forever.

Now before we can inseminate we have to:

1. Order three vials of Todd to be shipped to the doctor’s office (they will store it for free while we are trying, so we can save on shipping costs, plus they do a 75% buy back so w00t w00t!)

2. We have to meet with a psychologist to make sure we are mentally and emotionally prepared for this journey…which we got a call back from her today that we should have started this process a month ago (well thanks for telling us a month ago!) but she would try to see what she could do and is going to call the doctor for us to verify…ugh.

3. Pick up her medications AND pay for them…they are not covered by insurance and by the way, its like a $200 copay EACH TIME we go to the doctor.

Needless to say, we are a little stressed out right now. And stretched thin! Between my trip next week, our lease signing & inspection, all these doctor appointments, and work being a pain in the bum…well we are ready for a vacation. And to win the lottery.

Until the next visit…



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