I should really be studying for my midterm in Business Management tomorrow but instead I’m just getting home from our psychological evaluation to get cleared for baby-making next week! It was such a source of worry trying to get this appointment…at first we were going to have to do it the morning of March 2 (insemination day) and we worried that we would have to push back our baby-making attempt until later this month. Then, this afternoon, she called Jenn back and said she had a cancellation for 7:45 tonight so we took it as she wanted to see both of us together and since I’m going out of town next week tonight was as good a time as any. I was a little nervous going in to it because I’ve never been to a psychologist before so I just didn’t know what to expect. Our fears quickly dissolved though as we met with Dr. R and she was actually really cool. We had to fill out some preliminary paperwork and questionnaires, mostly about how stressed we feel about certain areas of our lives. We chit-chatted about ourselves a little, just getting to know one another, and then the questions started. Boy did the questions start…

She asked us so many things…how long have we been trying, are we really OK using donor sperm from someone we don’t know directly, how do our families feel about all of this, are we prepared for worst-case scenarios like Down Syndrome or birth defects, are we depressed/anxious/etc, have we thought about how we are going to tell our children where they came from, and other such various questions. We both really liked her and didn’t have any trouble being honest and never felt like we were being judged. It was kind of nice also to be able to just voice our feelings and plans to someone other than our families or friends, and it reassured us that we had planned and had discussed the important things before beginning this journey. IT just made me feel a lot more calm about the whole thing. Everyone using donor sperm has to undergo this evaluation before the fertility doctor will proceed…and of course we passed! She even said we would make good moms…which is always a nice thing to hear. She was really excited for us and in turn it just makes us more excited that we are one step closer in this process and journey.

So here we are, ordering our baby batter to be shipped to the fertility doctor’s office. Its exciting but still hard to believe that this is all happening so quickly after so much planning and time. Sometimes I just want to hit the pause button to catch my breath! But I wouldn’t trade this ride for anything and I’m looking forward to next week and hoping that everything is aligned and good to go. So far everything has come together with crazy good timing … and I’m waiting to see what’s next!

😀 YAY!



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