Leap Day

Happy Leap Day everyone! I am writing this from New Orleans on my family vacation. J called me this morning to tell me all about her doctor’s visit and ultrasound this morning. Let me just start by saying that so far, this entire process with the fertility doctor has gone so quickly and smoothly. I am so thankful for this!

Everything in the ultrasound looks great – she has 4 follicles ready to go and that is the most he’ll inseminate with so that’s just perfect. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to proceed knowing that there is a (remote) possibility all 4 will become embryos and she said yes. We have come too far to say no now! Plus no one is really thinking that it will happen; the most likely scenario is twins (which as mentioned before, we are OK with). Regardless everything is progressing quicker than expected as she took to the Clomid really well. She has 1 follicle about to go, 2 good-sized ones, and 1 small one…so at the doctor’s office today they went ahead and gave her the Ovidrel shot and she’s scheduled to come back tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. to have the insemination.

I can’t believe how quickly this is all happening. It seems like we waited so long and that we were just hurrying up to wait but now…its all just moving along without a hitch so far! I am so happy that everything worked out and she was cleared to proceed this time around, otherwise that is a lot of money that we would have put out to just have to wait and start over in a few weeks. I mean, of course, we may still have to just start over in a few weeks if she doesn’t get pregnant this time around, but at least we get to complete a cycle this time and give it a shot.

We are a flurry of emotions…nervous that it will or will not work, and balanced on the precipice of the unknown…just think, tomorrow could be the day. Or it could not be. For now, we are trying to remain positive but not oblivious, but for me it is really hard. I am just ready to get home to my own bed and so happy that I get to be there with her tomorrow for the insemination. What perfect timing 🙂

I’ll update you all tomorrow on how it goes! I’m heading home now…long trip ahead.



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