What’s In A Name?

A lot, actually! J and I believe in the power of names, and therefore have given a lot of thought to what we would like to name our future child(ren). This is something we have thought about for a long time…anytime the topic of children and a family comes up. Now with a maybe-baby in her womb, we’ve finally narrowed it down to a name for a boy and a name for a girl. Of course, we have no news yet on whether or not we have a yes or no this time, but these two weeks are finally cut down to only two more days until the blood pregnancy test on Friday…fingers crossed!

Anyway, we have picked out our names for our future little one(s). We’ve had the girl’s first name for a while but couldn’t find a middle name to do what we wanted. We really liked one name (to be after someone in J’s family per tradition) but not by itself…so we thought about it and finally came up with a combined name that we both really like. The point of the name being that it means “Elegant & entirely successful”. Winner!

Now, everyone would say we won’t have a boy because OH MY whatever shall anyone do?! There are all these GIRLS in the family!

Regardless, we have chosen a boy’s name and we WANT to have a boy (although it really doesn’t matter to us). For this name we liked it a long time ago but it seemed too popular. Too generic. So we tried spelling it different and we really liked it but we just weren’t sure. So all weekend we were discussing the names we were thinking about. We have been pretty certain about the girl name, so we were debating the boy name. Even after all our discussion we still weren’t sure. We felt empty, incomplete. We wanted to have the names ready so that if there is a little one in there, we had a name ready for it. Okay, now you’re thinking we’re insane. But that’s okay, if you know either of us you know we can be a little OCD. Just let us have our fun!

So we had been discussing the name and just weren’t sure about it. So we asked God to give us a sign! Funny things always happen when you do that…

We’re at J’s parents’ house and we’re talking about travelling. So J’s dad gets all excited talking about South Dakota. He’s going on and on and finally is like “Oh I have a map! Let me show you!” J and I just shrugged our shoulders and waited for him to get the map. He comes back and is talking about the Native Americans and forests and all this stuff about South Dakota and we’re looking at all the funny names on the map. And then, we see a county with the first name we’ve been thinking about. Right next to it is another county, which is the middle name we’ve been thinking about. What are the odds?! And if that wasn’t enough, the county next to that was Todd. Yep, Todd. Like, our donor’s name is Todd.

I know not everyone believes in God or kismet or fate or destiny, and that’s okay, because we do. And I think we got a sign right there. We looked at each other right then and said “I guess that’s the name.” And that was it. His meaning: “God is gracious, blessed one”

That night on the way home, we couldn’t help but be so impressed by the moon. J has a pull toward the moon anyway (being a werewolf and all…inside joke!) and no lie – it looked pregnant. It was so big and round and beautiful! Another funny thing, J was really drawn to a tiger’s eye when we picked up the spiritual stones for fertility – and the tiger’s eye is tied to the moon. Incidentally it is also tied to Capricorn which is from December 21 until January 19. If J gets pregnant next cycle instead of this one, her due date would be in Capricorn. Coincidence? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I bet you are all waiting with bated breath (ok maybe not!) for me to tell you the names we finally ended up with. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but we are waiting until after we definitely know if there’s anybody in there whether it be this time or next. Hopefully it will come sooner rather than later, but at least we feel comforted knowing that whenever our little one decides to make a home with us, that we have a name for him or her. We are waiting with open hearts and arms for our turn to be Mamas (yeah, that’s what we’ve decided we would like to be called…of course he/she may decide on something entirely different!)

So I wish I had something further to share with you, but right now we’re just impatiently waiting for Friday…I’ll see you all then. 🙂



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