You may or may not know that J’s favorite President is Abraham Lincoln. She loves him! So whilst searching for something on Google the other day, I stumbled across this quote by him:

“Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.”

How fitting, especially for our current situation! I shared this with her and we both really appreciated it. Its true, after all.

So in the spirit of clearing our minds and letting our discouragement fade, we met up with J’s high school friends at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Orlando yesterday.When you first walk into the lobby, on your right is a TV playing a looped story about these two African fertility statues. And on each side of the TV are the statues themselves, a man on the right and a woman holding a baby on the left. They were SO cool.

The instructions are that you place your hands on each one, rub on and caress them, think positive thoughts. Move onto the next one and do the same. Then touch them together and welcome your child into your life and thank them for their positive, fertile energy, and finish by giving each of them a hug.

Let the rubbing ensue!

It may sound hokey, but it was such a surreal experience. One of J’s friends cried as she was touching them. J felt the energy inside of them, alive and humming. I just felt such a peace and ease wash over me as I stood there also (and then I rubbed on J’s belly to give her my extra fertility vibes!!) All-in-all it was an overwhelming (but in a good way) experience. We stood there for a while and watched woman after woman come through and do the process. J’s friend said a woman came up to them that had seen them in Mexico and pointed to her daughter and said “That’s why she’s here!” The video said 13 of the 13 original women who touched them at the Ripley’s Headquarters became pregnant within the next couple of months. So far over 2,000 confirmed pregnancies have resulted after women have touched these statues.

So far, I’m liking those odds. šŸ™‚

J’s next doctor’s appointment is on Tuesday. Wish us luck that there are no cysts so we can proceed with this cycle.


J & the Fertility Statues @ Ripley's


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