Maybe Baby(ies)

So here we are about a week-ish later and J is lying by my feet on the bed with Bubba (our handsome grey and white Manx cat) snoring beside her. We went out to dinner and now she’s so tired she can’t keep her eyes open. These fertility medications definitely put her through the ringer this time.

As you know we went to the doctor last week and found out the cyst was gone and everything looked great. Fast forward through 5 days of Clomid-induced loss of appetite, insomnia, and irritability and she went to her second appointment/ultrasound on Thursday the 17th. That brought the good news that she took REALLY well to the medication this cycle and had two beautiful golf-ball-sized follicles ready to go, one on each ovary. This is great news, considering our fertility doctor won’t inseminate with more than 4 follicles and we really just don’t want to go the lesbians-making-babies TLC/Lifetime movie route. Thanks, but I’m not cut out for show business! šŸ˜‰

So the doctor slated us for doing the HCG trigger shot (pregnancy hormone injection which induces ovulation within 36 hours after taking it) at home at 9 pm that night and then coming in on Saturday the 19th at 9 am for the insemination.

Saturday? What? Yep, our doctor has Saturday hours for cases like this… Cool!

Now, let me tell you a story. It may not be as funny to you all reading this as it is to me but J was FREAKING out that I had to give her a shot. Let alone, in her stomach, near her belly button. She has an unnatural aversion to belly buttons and plain and simple, they just gross her out enough for her to throw up. LOL I love my wife. So I have to give her a shot, which thankfully I’m experienced with since I have a sister that has required Insulin injections since she was 6 years old. J meanwhile, is a little disturbed. As she laid down on the bed so I could wipe the injection site with the alcohol wipe she is basically laugh-crying with nervousness. I used a trick my sister learned of numbing the area with ice beforehand, and that put her a little more at ease. I also warmed the injection a little by rolling the syringe around in my hands for a minute. Ready, set, go…I’m counting down “3…2…1…” and she tenses up beside me! Of course I flipped out as the needle is an inch from her skin and jerk away. I thought she was going to kick me as I went to stick her! I didn’t want to hurt her! So we tried again, pillow pulled up over her face as she’s continuing to laugh-cry and “3…2…1…” and its in. She said I was a little slow sticking her and pushing the plunger in, but hey! What can I say, I was worried and it could have been a LOT worse. Regardless, injection at home was a success but she is really hoping we don’t have to do this again…like ever…but I’m sure that’s for more reasons than just the shot. šŸ™‚

So fast-forward again to today and we had our insemination at 9 am. The office actually had a few other people in there for various reasons but we were called back right away and set up in the room. The doctor came in shortly after and informed us that our sperm sample was excellent, 30 million and 98% motility, which are EXCELLENT numbers! J was really nervous again since it was so painful last time, but I was able to stand up by her head and hold her hand the whole time (good practice for labor and delivery!). The doctor had to switch out the equipment for her comfort and his ease (apparently she has a “kinky” cervix that would not allow the catheter to go in), it was over sooner and much less painful than last time. YAY!

We went out to breakfast afterwards at Mimi’s and just lazed about the house today since she is cramping and feeling generally icky from the invasion as well as the hormone shot. The medications really affected her this time, but the doctor said that means she just took really well to them. We keep saying that maybe we will have twins, after all, there were two follicles ready to go, and she has had cramping in both ovaries today. While we keep laughing that maybe there will be twins in our future (which we would LOVE!), we are trying not to overthink anything and honestly we feel a lot more relaxed about everything in our lives right now, including the pregnancy journey. I think we finally both realized that we’ve got to stop stressing out about the things we have no control over. Can we control whether or not we get pregnant this time/next time/any time? No, so do what we can to take care of ourselves and be patient. In the meantime, we’re focusing on working toward some goals we’ve set for ourselves and just enjoying being together.

I am so happy and blessed with our wonderful life, and I hope that we can add a baby (or babies!) to our little family sooner rather than later. So here we are, waiting again, and we’re OK with that. At least we are making progress instead of having to sit out for another cycle. We are going to get massages next weekend and then J goes in a couple of weeks for the blood pregnancy test, and until then we are just going to sit back, relax, and (try to) be patient. Wish us luck with that last one!

See you in a couple of weeks…



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  1. OneHopefullyPreggoLesbo
    May 21, 2012 @ 09:00:35

    I say go for the TLC/Lifetime seiries now to recoup some money from all this baby-making!! LOL!! Hopefully it works for you ladies this time…


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