Our Little Poppy Seed

J went to get her second round of bloodwork done this morning. She had to get her HCG levels checked again and she also had to get her progesterone checked to make sure everything was where it should be. We won’t know the progesterone results for a couple days but the nurse called with the HCG results this afternoon.

On Monday her HCG level was 100 which is perfect for how far along we are! Look at that, our baby is already an A student! 🙂 A healthy rate for HCG is to double every 2 days, and her level today was 247…more than doubled! Which means everything is going as expected and looks good so far. YAY!

We should have the appointment for the ultrasound sometime next week, once they get the progesterone results back. The nurse was sure everything would come back fine with that, too.

Oh and one more thing…J asked if there was any chance of there being twins in there after all, and based on her HCG levels, the nurse said its most likely just one. Of course we’ll know for sure after the ultrasound, but for now…it looks like we have one little poppy seed growing in there.

At 4 weeks, your baby — now officially an embryo — is about the size of a poppy seed. Baby’s busy settling into its new home, prepping for all the crucial development that will be happening over the next six weeks.

Life is such a miracle. Its hard to imagine how something so small can become a person after just 9 months inside the womb! Between the insomnia, hot flashes, headaches, and breaking out like a teenager, this is already gearing up to be an interesting ride for J. We are both still so amazed that this has finally happened for us. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real, and then we remember that its really happening and we get excited all over again. We are so grateful, and so full of love and happiness. 🙂

As always, we’ll keep you posted. We love having each and every one of you on this journey with us.



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