Ultrasound Numero Uno

Today was our long-awaited first ultrasound! We were such a jumble of emotions today: nervous, excited, anxious, and impatient just to name a few. Its been a loooooooong week waiting for this first look at our little one, but today was the day and it was a good one at that. 🙂

I left work to pick J up from her work and go to the doctor. We normally don’t have a long wait but it took a little while today, each minute ticking by making us more and more a jumble of nerves. Finally it was our turn to be called back and the nurse asked J how she was feeling and told us she had some routine questions to ask her:

Any nausea or morning sickness? Any spotting or cramping? Any trouble going to the bathroom? Sore boobs?

Let’s just say…fiber is not J’s friend lately, don’t touch her boobs under any circumstances, no spotting but some cramping/stretching feelings on the left side, and only a little nausea mostly after the shower or right before bed. Oh and there was this incident with a roast beef sandwich last week where it didn’t agree with her and therefore took a field trip to the toilet. At least I’m good at taking care of my wife while she’s throwing up. 🙂

Anywho…so we go into the exam room and in a few minutes the doctor and the nurse come in. J exclaims, “Dr! We did it!’ He is normally kind of stoic but let a chuckle slip and just said “Well let’s see what we did first, before we get too excited.” J then asked if we would be getting pictures this time around and he said, “Yes, but they won’t be very exciting. We’re just looking to make sure the development is on schedule and that there is a yolk sac and fetal pole.” J, the nurse, and I all looked at each other and said, “It may not look like much but it is still exciting!” The nurse turned the lights out and the ultrasound commenced. We held hands as we got to see the first glimpses of our little one, nestled snugly inside J’s womb.

Before you ask, yes there is only one baby. And that tiny white speck inside of the black circle is the baby. At this point in development it is known as the fetal pole because it is just the tiny beginnings of what will become the baby, and the black circle is the amniotic sac containing the yolk sac, which is the baby’s nourishment until the placenta forms and takes over around week 10. We can rest easy knowing everything is developing as it should and our tiny little apple seed is tucked away in there safe and sound.

J does have a large cyst on her left ovary, which explains the discomfort she’s been having on that side. The doctor’s going to let it go away on its own, especially since her other cysts when on the Clomid before went away in a month or so without any intervention. For now, we are in the waiting game yet again until June 28th when we will get to come back in for the second ultrasound and get to hear the heartbeat. Once the heartbeat is located, the doctor will release us back to our regular OBGYN Dr. C for the rest of the pregnancy.

It is such an exciting time in our lives right now, and we are so happy to get to share this entire experience with you all! We love having you reading along with us, experiencing our ups and downs, and sharing in our joy. We love you all!


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