Everything Changes In A Heartbeat

As you all know, today was the day we had our second ultrasound at the fertility doctor to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I picked J up from work and we drove to the doctor together, filled with nervous excitement. We checked in and since we were the only ones there, we were called back right away. Our usual protocol of questions about how J has been feeling followed and the nurse took her vitals and weighed her. She hasn’t gained any weight since the last appointment, but I think I’ve gained 10 pounds for her instead! 🙂

We went back into the ultrasound room and waited for the doctor to come in…the anticipation growing with each second that passed. Finally the doctor and our favorite nurse came in and the ultrasound began. Once the lights went out, the doctor began taking measurements of our baby and we (im)patiently waited to hear the heartbeat.

I don’t think anyone who has not been in this same situation could ever understand the jumble of emotions that course through you while waiting to hear that heartbeat, especially for the first time. For what felt like an unreasonable amount of time (although it was actually only a minute) we waited with bated breath and I stared at the ultrasound screen and at our baby. He/She has grown so big in the two weeks since last time! And finally, when we couldn’t possibly wait any longer, the doctor flipped the switch and we heard the most wonderful sound: our baby’s beating heart, fast and strong, and we could even see it flickering on the screen. At that moment nothing else mattered and I felt the biggest grin spread across my face. I’m glad it was dark in there or else I would have looked like the Cheshire Cat for sure. Everything changed in a heartbeat, and I finally felt like this was really happening for us. I think we are literally the happiest people on earth today. 🙂

J had the forethought to have me record the heartbeat on her phone, and although it is kind of difficult to hear, in reality it was perfect. Not one skip or delay, but a steady, strong, beating heart doing a great job of keeping our baby alive and growing! We went back and listened to it and figured that the heartbeat was about 130-140 beats per minute (which, if the old wives’ tales can be trusted, a heart beat less than 140 could be a boy! You know I’m hopeful, since I’m one of the (very) few that think we may have a little boy in there. 🙂 Guess you’ll have to stick around to find out!)

It is a little hard to hear without headphones, but you can have a listen below:

Today did have a touch of sadness too, as it will be the last time we’ll be visiting Viera Fertility Clinic, at least until we’re ready to get me pregnant! Dr. Chamoun and his staff have been so good to us throughout this whole journey, and I am so happy that we got to work with them. Although the high copay made us cringe each time we went in, we are very thankful for them. We were released back to our regular OBGYN, Dr. Connors, and got our adjusted due date of February 13, 2013. In a way it feels almost like starting over and we don’t know what to expect any more. But that’s okay, because we better get used to that feeling!

Our Big Gay Jewish Wedding Party is on Saturday and we are both so excited to share our love and joy with our family and friends. We have not only the heartbeat to share but also the video of our wedding ceremony in Washington, D.C. so everyone can experience it. We are so lucky and thankful for the support we have and that our baby is going to be born into such a great family, not just blood family but our chosen family too. 🙂

And finally, here are the newest pictures of our little one, all safe and snuggly in J’s womb. I think it looks like a heart in the second picture! I love my wife and our baby so much and can’t wait to meet him/her…February can’t come soon enough!


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