9 Weeks

What a week!

First off, the Big Gay Jewish Wedding Party was (overall) a really great event. J’s parents really did a great job putting everything together and we are so thankful for them hosting our celebration. My parents brought the deviled eggs and the veggies and dip which were both a big hit too! We loved getting to see everyone and catch up. Mostly, there were questions about the baby and how J was doing, but we did get many thoughtful and generous gifts and even a few things from our wedding registry such as Corelle dishes, a comforter and sheets, a towel, and a food chopper! Some other gifts we received were a Dr. Spock baby book, a baby towel and sleeper, a far out automatic candy dispenser, some awesome gift cards and plenty of cash, which is always a great gift! Most of the money is staying in savings but we did buy ourselves something we’ve had our eyes on for a while for the baby. 🙂

Secondly, J has been sick with a nasty sore throat and cold since Monday. Of course, since she is pregnant, it is hitting her harder on top of the fact that she can’t take anything for it. She had a fever for a couple days but Tylenol helped out with that. Now she’s just struggling with being so tired, which is a combination of baby fatigue as well as the sickness taking its toll on her. She keeps getting anxious because she can’t “feel” the baby in there, but I keep telling her that her body is probably super focused elsewhere in trying to fight off the cold. Not that she can really feel movements anyway, but it just feels like a “flutter” as she puts it. At least today she’s started getting her appetite back, which she said is a good sign. I caught the cold too but at least I have a better immune system in the first place, plus I can take cold meds, so I’m back on the mend much quicker than she is. The only exciting thing we’ve done this week while recovering is go to see the 4th of July fireworks at the college, which we sat in the car to enjoy so we didn’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Afterwards, we returned home and promptly passed out from exhaustion. We are so thrilling! LOL

Overall it hasn’t been much of an exciting week. I’ve been reading the Dr. Spock book we got as a wedding gift and I put together our baby swing we bought several months ago. I’ve been begging to put it together but she said I couldn’t at least until after we were pregnant. So since we had guests stay over for our wedding party, we had to wait until after that was over. It is super cute! And I put it together all by myself (J supervised and did an excellent job of it!).

Our vet said it would help our cat Bubba’s anxiety about the baby if we had the baby’s stuff out for as long as possible beforehand. So I say, by our vet’s recommendation, I had to put it together! 🙂 He sniffed it a little and I tried putting him in it but he jumped right back out. Our hamster Hammy rode on the tray for a minute but he is too squirmy to take a picture. If we “torture” our animals this much, imagine the fun we’ll have with our baby!

Oh! And we finally got our next appointment scheduled with our regular OB Dr. Connors. We see her on July 24 and we will be about 11.5 weeks at that point. We hope we get another ultrasound at that visit as we love seeing our baby and we miss him/her!! Now, on to the exciting news of the week…our baby’s progress thus far!

This week, baby is the size of a grape (about an inch long) and is now considered a fetus! Baby is starting to look more human-like, and is even beginning to form teeth already. The “tail” is gone by now and while baby’s external sex organs are present, you can’t tell if baby is a boy or a girl just yet. The eyes are fully formed but baby’s eyelids are fused shut until about 27 weeks, and baby’s tiny earlobes, mouth, and nose are more distinct now. Baby will start rapidly gaining weight over the coming months, which by the way, there is only one month left in the first trimester!

Baby is finally starting to look like a tiny person! About 7 more months to go until we meet our little one. 🙂


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  1. Betro
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 23:48:18

    I can’t wait till the baby shower. I love every blog you post B and always can’t wait to read the next one. Tell Jen don’t be so anxious for that baby movement, she will be incredibly uncomfortable in no time. I love you both, keep up all the good work.


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