Patience Pays Off

As you all know, one week from today we have our first pre-natal appointment with the OB. We are both very excited for this appointment and as with all things that are exciting, it seems to be taking FOREVER to get here! J and I are both (mostly) healed from the sickness of doom, with just a lingering cough and some sinus congestion which is taking its time going away. This was a really rough version of the common cold to deal with this time, but at least we avoided chest infections, strep throat, and mono (all of which were very possible, although luckily not the true cause).

You may recall that we bought ourselves a little something after our Big Gay Jewish Wedding Party, when we socked away the rest of the gift money we received in savings…well that something finally arrived over the weekend! YAY! So I’m sure you’re all just wondering what we could have bought (sarcasm!) so here it is:

Yep! We bought ourselves the baby crib. And here’s what it will look like, assembled, and the cool thing about this crib, is it is good for a while, too. It converts to a toddler bed as well as a full-size in the future! Winner!

Wait, but didn’t Nana buy the crib for us? Well, see what happened is that we ordered the last one in stock on And then two days later they sent us an email saying that we didn’t actually get the last one in stock but that the order was cancelled because it was sold out already. Bummer! So we searched high and low and could. not. find. the. crib. ANYWHERE. So I finally found out that they would probably be back in stock sometime in July so we decided to order it later once we could find it again.

Good thing we had to wait, because I just so happened to be checking out and saw that it was back in stock! Not to mention, now it was being bundled with the mattress we wanted for like half the price. Total. For the crib AND mattress. We are suckers for a good deal so we paid for it and had it shipped to the WalMart right across the street. Boom! Crib and mattress for less than $200, when the crib was originally retailing for over $200 by itself.

Guess sometimes patience pays off, huh? 🙂

Now I can’t wait to put it together of course, but we are waiting to do that until closer to birth-day, because we aren’t sure yet if we’ll be staying here another year yet or not. To put it simply, we have ridiculously noisy neighbors now that decide to play music until 1 AM loud enough to be heard through our poured-concrete walls, and an obnoxious ant problem in our front room (the “baby’s” room) that we have been unsuccessful at remedying at this point…plus we are ready to have a house. Preferable one of our own, but if a rental comes up that’s worth it, we’re not above taking that either! So we don’t know what the cards hold for us, but right now we are just saving up as much money as we can between now and February so we can be prepared for whatever comes our way. And if we don’t end up moving, at least we’ll have a good chunk of change in the bank!

So, that’s all for now. It is storming really bad here right now so its time to get off the computer and go comfort Bubba. He’s not a fan of thunder, but at least instead of snubbing me in favor of pregnant Mama J, he is hanging out by my feet and head butting me for love.

How could I resist a good snuggle with my furry son? 🙂


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