Fingers & Toes

Today was our long-awaited regular OB appointment. Technically it is our first prenatal appointment for all intents and purposes. Most pregnant women don’t get to see the doctor to confirm their pregnancies until around this point, and even though we’ve been at this for 11 weeks already with the poking and prodding, it was still all crazy and new and nerve-wracking. We weren’t even sure if we would get an ultrasound until we were in the exam room! In fact, Dr. Connors did the ultrasound “unofficially” so we wouldn’t even be charged by the insurance. Of course, that meant we didn’t get any take-home pictures since it was “technically” to follow up on J’s ovarian cysts (gone!), but we still got to see the baby and that is all that matters.

What a difference from the last ultrasound at 7 weeks!! I wish I had had the forethought to record it on video with my phone, but we were both just so amazed and in awe of what was playing out on the screen. There was our baby and this time, it really looked like a baby! And we are just getting to the point where you can begin to see details of the head and body. You could see where the eyes are , and a tiny nub of a nose on that little face. The heart was beating away perfectly in that little chest and boy, was he/she ACTIVE! Twisting, turning, punching and kicking – and since the baby was head-down again this time (this seems to be the position of choice for our little one) I said it looked like it was break-dancing. Apparently it gets its dance-skills from Mama J, since I’m not the most coordinated individual.

Dr. Connors said everything looks perfect, and she was so excited for us. You can really tell she just loves her job, even after the 100s of babies she’s delivered over the years. She sat and talked with us for a while about genetic screening options and the prenatal blood work and tests that J has to get done before our next visit in 4 weeks, on August 21st. She is sending us for our next ultrasound at the hospital on August 10th and J has to do another 1 hour glucose test on August 11th. We will be one day shy of 14 weeks when we go for the ultrasound, and I keep saying that maybe we will find out the gender of the baby as my birthday gift! Man, that would be AWESOME! I understand that we could have a “shy” baby that won’t show the goods, but I’m really hoping it is not as modest as Mama J so we can find out sooner rather than later! πŸ™‚

Oh and our updated due date is February 10th…so I think we’re just banking on sometime in February at this point since it keeps changing. J is hoping for February 12th because it is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. I wouldn’t mind! πŸ™‚

Even though the doctor’s appointment took almost 2 hours, it was a really great visit and a a really great day. I was so distracted when I went back to work and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone that we got lucky enough to get another ultrasound. I really wish we had gotten a picture, but definitely next time. After work, I even went to see my Dad at his work so I could tell him the news in person. He loves to hear the updates firsthand and seeing his face light up and being so happy about the good news was just priceless!

The other priceless moment of the day was seeing those ten little fingers and ten little toes on the ultrasound screen. It was so amazing how detailed they were, almost like the baby was waving at us to say “Hi Moms! Here I am!”

I can’t wait to kiss each and every one of those little piggies. πŸ™‚


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