14 Weeks (and New Ultrasound Pictures!)

I can’t believe we are already 14 weeks along and now in the second trimester! It is still hard to believe that we are already 1/3 of the way through the pregnancy, but that we still have 6 (seemingly long) months to wait! We are so excited and impatient to meet our little one, but I know it will come sooner than we think. 🙂

Yesterday was our 1st trimester screening ultrasound, and we got to see our little one moving around like crazy. The best part about this ultrasound appointment was that it wasn’t just a quick snapshot of the baby, but a 45 minute study. So we got to see the baby for a long time which was great! We got to see the baby clap, suck its thumb, and do a little dancing. Unfortunately, the baby must be very modest just like Mama J, so we didn’t get to find out what the gender was just yet. That’s okay, hopefully we can find out next time at our second trimester ultrasound in a month or so!

We did get some really great pictures at our ultrasound yesterday though. The heart rate was between 128 and 135 (the Old Wives Tales say this means boy!) and the baby was actually measuring a little bigger than our 13 weeks 6 days (14 weeks 5 days, so about a week ahead of schedule). The ultrasound tech was really surprised at how active the baby was and she had a lot of trouble getting it to cooperate to get all of the measurements she needed to take. However, based on the measurements she took it looks like the baby’s updated due date is February 5, 2013 now. At this rate, we might end up with a January baby since the due date keeps moving back!

So here are the pictures…

I think the baby has J’s nose! The baby started sucking its thumb right after this picture was taken.

The baby was waving “hi” to its moms!

Heart rate (lower – 128)

Heart rate (higher – 135)

This morning J and I got up early to go to the lab to get 9 vials of her blood taken for the last of her 1st trimester screenings and do the 1 hour glucose test. The sugar drink always makes her really sick to her stomach so we had a quick breakfast afterwards before heading back home to let her rest up. We will probably find out all of the results at our next OB appointment on August 21st, so stay tuned.

It is my birthday on Sunday the 12th, and we are going out to dinner tonight, and then we have massages tomorrow afternoon. I get a free hot-stone add-on to my massage since its my birthday and I am really excited for it! I have been having a lot of back pain and muscle aches in my legs so I really need it (I think I am having J’s pregnancy symptoms sometimes!!). Plus we always have such a fun time being pampered, snacking on the goodies at the spa, and just enjoying our time together. Happy birthday to me (oh and our cat, Bubba, too) – I’ll be 26 and Bubba will be 13! 🙂

Mom should be regaining some energy this week and feeling better in general as the second trimester begins. Our baby definitely has plenty of energy and is on the move – squirming, clapping, tossing and turning, and even sucking its thumb! Babies begin growing at different rates starting this week, and is now between 3.5 and 4 inches long and weighs about 1.5 ounces. The liver is now producing bile, the spleen is starting to help make red blood cells, and the placenta is now fully functioning. Baby practices breathing and drinks the amniotic fluid and the kidneys now produce urine. Baby is developing hair all over its body, called lanugo, which keeps baby warm for the next six months in the womb.

Our baby looked a lot like this, clapping and all!


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