3rd Month Checkup

Today was our 3rd month check-up with the OB and it went great! All of the 1st trimester blood work J had to suffer through (including the glucose test) came back perfect, except for her platelet count which was 4 less than ‘normal’, but this is fairly common in pregnancy so it wasn’t anything to worry about. No diabetes! Which is very, very exciting. 🙂

The rest of the visit was pretty routine – how is J feeling, fill out tons of forms again and answer lots of questions. We did have some concerns as she has been feeling dizzy and having some shortness of breath, so Dr. Connors is sending her to a cardiologist just to rule out anything major. She has to see her primary care doctor as well to ask about her asthma medication maybe being increased, and we are going to look into going to a pulmonologist as well, just because they specialize in dealing with asthma so that will probably be a good doctor to have on hand anyway.

One of the questions the nurse had when checking J in was if she was married – always a difficult question in our case, of course. Yes, we are married, but does that count here since its not allowed in Florida? Well the short answer is yes, when it comes to this sort of thing, we are married. It makes things easier because we have the same last name too, but we’re not too worried. Dr. Connors is really cool about it and has never treated us differently for it, which is pretty awesome.

We also got to hear the heartbeat again today which is going to be the standard from here on out. The heart rate was 140 today, which doesn’t help in determining the gender according to thw old wives tales. Less than 140 is a boy, over 140 is a girl, HOWEVER our baby decided to be elusive and stay smack in the middle. Sigh. LOL

In other news, I had my mid-year review at work today with my manager, all wonderful things of course. Other than for me to speak up a little more…which is always a problem. I am a WAY better writer! Regardless, I told her that we were expecting and she was ecstatic! Once we find out if we are having a boy or a girl I will announce it to my team, but I wanted to tell my manager once we were out of the 1st trimester so I could let her know  that I would be taking parental leave when the time comes. She is super OK with it and I can’t wait. My place of work can be frustrating sometimes, but they really pay very well and they also have some good benefits for employees – such as one week off paid right after the baby is born as well as 100% pay for parental leave – which means that since J only gets 6 weeks of maternity leave, when she goes back to work, I get to take off 6 weeks and stay home with the baby! I think that is a really awesome perk and I am so thankful that I can have the opportunity to score some one-on-one time to bond with our baby too. 🙂

So all in all there are some good things brewing and I couldn’t be happier about our lives right now. J has to get more blood work (surprise!) to screen for genetic defects and we’ll review those results at our 4th month checkup on September 20th. We have our next ultrasound around 19 weeks and hopefully baby isn’t shy and will show us the goods this time!!


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  1. Hope~ trying for number 3
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 01:54:31

    That’s awesome that your job will give you thy time off paid…. i’m not sure why your plans are but thought I would throw it it there in cause you didn’t know it was an option but have you looked into inducing lactation so you can help breastfeed the baby too????? It takes aabouut 2 to 3 months to get a supply but then in the case that j breastfeeds the baby when she goes bak to work and your off you could breastfeed too or maybe help eat other so there is never a shortage of food for baby fuse you both an supply him/her? You can read up on adoptive breastfeeding, I did it with my 1st that we adopted and it was niece being able to connect alike that with the baby…


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