19 Weeks & It’s A …

Wow! What a great week full of exciting milestones! We are not only now in the fifth month of pregnancy, but Wednesday gave us only 150 days until our due date and Friday left us with only 100 working days (for J at least) until our due date. Not only that, but Friday we FINALLY got to start calling our little one by HIS name…yep, its Jaxson Bennett in there! We are so excited! πŸ™‚

We found out the gender in the first five minutes of the ultrasound. The tech didn’t get the best picture on the printouts but the live version was like BAM that’s a penis right there! Once we found out, it was hard to sit through the whole ultrasound. We kept looking over at each other and whispering his name, big grins spread across our faces. I for one felt like a huge dork but I was so happy I didn’t care too much.

Jaxson was really low down in J’s uterus so the tech had trouble getting good pictures this time. We are going to ask Dr. Connors about that. Last visit she said he was a little low but it shouldn’t be a problem as he should move up as her uterus grows. It can be dangerous if the baby is too low, as it can cause premature labor. Regardless he was really active and since I could watch the live version of the ultrasound I got to see him kicking and punching and wriggling around in there. I got to see his bladder and kidneys, his brain and a foot, and even got to see him open his mouth! So cool! The tech all said he weighed about 10 ounces, which is definitely ahead of schedule a little bit.

J doesn’t get to see much at these ultrasounds because of the way the screen is, it can’t swivel enough so she can see it while lying down. So we decided to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound at a place nearby which my friend at work recommended. You get a CD of pictures, video loops, and it gives you both 2D and 3D views of the baby! They were having a special so it wasn’t very expensive for the 20 minute session, so we are going to do that next Saturday morning. J will be 20 weeks then, although Jaxson is still measuring about a week or so bigger, so I think we will get some really great pictures to share.

In other pregnancy news, J has been a little more emotional lately so I’ve just been rolling with the punches. It hasn’t really been that bad for me, I just know she is uncomfortable so I try to do the best I can to help her out. I cleaned the whole house Thursday after work which she thought was really nice. We hung out with our good friend Cole yesterday and watched Finding Nemo in the theater and then drug her around for baby shower shopping. J’s got a bad ankle and she thinks she has a bone spur in the same foot so she was really hurting her by the end of the day. Her feet have been swelling a little too, so we will be bringing these concerns up at our next visit with Dr. Connors.

J also got some new maternity clothes while out shopping and man, she really looks pregnant now! It is hard to be overweight and pregnant, not just for the physical aspects, but the emotional ones too. We both lost about 60 pounds before she got pregnant and now her weight has been slowly creeping back up due to the pregnancy. She says that most days she just feels like she looks fat, not pregnant. I am always sad to hear this as I think she looks pregnant, and I also thinks she looks beautiful. So I do my best to remind her of this and encourage her, and I think the new clothes she got might just help too. I could tell she felt better when she saw herself in the mirror and went “Wow, I really look pregnant!” πŸ™‚

Oh and J told me I couldn’t buy anything until we knew what gender the baby was, so we went to Once Upon A Baby, a discount store near us with new and used items and clothes for newborns up through teens. Now I’ve gotten my shopping fix at least until after the baby shower. We had fun looking at all the cute outfits and decided on three super cute ones. The first one has whales on it and since I love love LOVE the Mommy stuff, I couldn’t resist the lion one that says Mommy’s Mane Man and the elephant one that says Mommy’s Peanut. Here they are! I think we made good choices for our first outfit purchase. πŸ™‚

Whale overalls

Mommy’s Mane Man

Mommy’s Peanut

So I guess that is all I have to report this week in baby land. Our doctor’s appointment is next Thursday so we will have more to say then I’m sure. Can’t wait for the 3D ultrasound net Saturday too! Not to mention, next Saturday is HALFWAY through the pregnancy. I can’t quite believe it!

So for now, here are the pictures from this time around. Although not the best quality, they still count and it was still great to see him and be able to finally start calling him by his name. πŸ™‚

Heartbeat was 136…perfect BOY heartbeat!

He’s got big feet like me!

View of the skull now that the bones have begun hardening.

Nose & Mouth
(upper jaw with baby teeth under those gums!)

He opened his mouth to drink!

And last but not least, there’s the winky!!

J is severely allergic to mango, so luckily the baby is only the size of one! Weighing in at 10 ounces and measuring about 6.5 inches this week, Jaxson is developing the five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight this week. He should be able to hear our voices this week and hair is beginning to grow on his scalp. The waxy coating of vernix caseosa is forming this week, which coats his skin and protects it from wrinkling during his final months in the womb. We are closing in on the halfway point in development, and Jaxson’s arms and legs are now in proportion to the rest of his body.

We’re almost halfway!


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  1. Robin Jones
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 09:01:48

    Very cute outfits for the bundle of joy!


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