Jaxson’s 20 Week Sneak Peek!

I have to say, modern medicine is really and truly amazing. We have come so far! We had our 3D ultrasound this morning with both of our moms in attendance. We checked in, filled in some paperwork, and went back to the ultrasound room. It was crazy! It had like 7 chairs plus the ultrasound table, all gathered around a flat-screen TV, so it was like going to a movie theater. We joked that we should have brought some popcorn and drinks. After a few minutes of setting up, it was time for the ultrasound to begin.

All the moms were mesmerized and so excited to see little Jax on the screen (including me and J!). They both remarked how far ultrasounds had come since they were both pregnant (J’s mom in the 70’s, my mom in the 90’s). 3D ultrasound wasn’t even around when my mom had me and my brother and sister! The ultrasound tech flipped between 2D (regular black and white) and 3D images (more defined) and got some really great shots. She had to work at it to get the money shot since Jax is modest and had his legs crossed, but she finally succeeded (and yes, he is still a boy!). We laughed and joked a lot about that, especially since he decided to grab at it later on in the ultrasound. Oh, what we have to look forward to. 🙂

We got to see Jaxson’s little feet and arms and legs, and his face. Oh, his face! He is such a cutie already, I think he looks so much like J when she was little. Perhaps the coolest part of the ultrasound were the video clips. We got some of him sleeping and moving his arms and legs around, and he even gave a thumbs up at one point. He waved a little and punched a lot. Our favorite video clip is the one of him yawning, even though it is just simple black and white. We can’t stop watching it, over and over and over again.

I love that we got a CD of the photos and video clips so we can watch it whenever we want. I hate waiting so long between ultrasounds so hopefully this will tide us over. He is still not very well-defined since he is so little, especially since his fat hasn’t started forming under his skin just yet, but we got some great pictures regardless. They advised us to come back around 26-30 weeks and the pictures will be a lot more detailed and look more like he will look when he is born. I know we will be doing that for sure.

I am so blessed and grateful for our beautiful baby boy. I just can’t wait to meet him!! Here are the pics and video from today, enjoy!! 🙂

And here are the video links! YAY! 🙂


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