Perinatologist Appointment

Today was our perinatologist appointment with Dr. Morales. After checking in a little early we waited for what seemed like forever before we were called back into the ultrasound room. We know the drill by now. Come in, lay down, nasty goo on the belly, ultrasound begins.

The tech was really nice. She explained each and every part she was looking at and measuring. We got to see Jax’s spine, brain, bladder, kidneys, stomach, and of course arms, legs, feet, and hands. She even showed us the umbilical cord and where it inserted into the placenta and the baby’s belly, and she measured the placenta itself too. We asked her if it would be their office or Dr. Connors who would call us with the results and she said that Dr. Morales was watching the ultrasound in the 0ther room as she went and reviewing it along the way, and would be in to give the results after she was done.

Sure enough a few minutes after the ultrasound was done Dr. Morales came in. He was really soft spoken and very nice. He explained what they had been looking for in the brain based on what the previous ultrasound had shown. Basically there are two ventricles, or tubes, in the brain where the cerebrospinal fluid is made and drains from the brain into the neck and down into the spine. If this backs up, like a sink, then it overflows and can cause fluid on the brain and too much pressure. Luckily, Jaxson’s brain is perfect and normal and he is wonderfully healthy! YAY!

The only concern Dr. Morales had was in regards to the positioning of the placenta. We have heard all along that it is low and close to the cervix, but that it wasn’t yet placenta previa (where the placenta covers part or all of the cervix) and should move up as we get further along in the pregnancy. Based on this ultrasound however, it appears that part of the placenta is covering J’s cervix. While this isn’t a defeat or technically dangerous, it can cause trouble if it doesn’t move up and away from the cervix. If it doesn’t move up, J may have to go on bed rest further along in the pregnancy and would probably have to have a C-section.

So, we go back to Dr. Morales on November 7 for another ultrasound to check on the placenta’s position as well as Jax’s growth. Right now Jax is still measuring about a week ahead of schedule and he is already 13 ounces! We are just relieved that everything is okay with our baby boy. And we laugh because this was our 7th ultrasound and we were told we would only have two or three. Just more opportunities see our little guy!! šŸ™‚

(By the way, there may or may not be a video posted below. It is nothing important or pertaining to our story, just an advertisement. Ignore please! :))


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Robin Jones
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 00:29:48

    This is such good news.
    I wanna see him again!


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