21 Weeks

This blog post is a little bit delayed this week. Not only was I not feeling well and studying for midterms this weekend but on Saturday we had an unhappy surprise in our house – our beloved little teddy bear hamster, Hammy, died. We are grieving and so very sad to have lost him. Sometimes I feel silly for being so upset, but he was such a love and very important to us, and we loved him very much. I just hope he knew how much we loved him, and I’m just very happy we got in some good snuggle and play time with him on Saturday morning. We put him in a nice box with bedding and treats and buried him in my parents’ backyard next to their hamster, Hana, and my dad put this pretty rainbow colored rock on top. It was really sweet and nice.

We donated his old cages and leftover food and bedding to the animal shelter – when I looked at their website today they have quite a few little hamsters without proper cages, so I’m glad his cages could go to good use at least. Hammy’s room was also going to be Jax’s room, so after we dismantled everything we rearranged the furniture in there and cleared out the pile of stuff we’ve been meaning to get rid of for quite some time. I feel a little more prepared for the baby’s arrival now and Bubba (our cat) keeps going in there and checking everything out. So far, he really enjoys laying on the changing table! LOL

Jaxson has been lying really low for J this week and causing her backaches, bellyaches, and wicked heartburn. She says he has been kicking and moving a lot more consistently although I have yet to feel his right hook. J has been having trouble breathing and is trying to get in to the pulmonologist for that, but the doctor’s office didn’t fax over her records so we are waiting on them. There isn’t much else to report this week, oh except that we found out J is allergic to okra. My mom fried some for us yesterday and J had one and it immediately made her throat feel funny and “fuzzy” just like when she eats mango (also allergic to that!). Peanut butter gives her trouble occasionally when she’s not pregnant, but she’s been having more trouble with it now that she is pregnant. I read somewhere that this can happen – allergies can get better or worse, seems like hers get worse.

Only a month left until the baby shower, which I am excited for. My mom suggested we go to Target in person and get the scan gun and add stuff to our registry that way, so people can get stuff in store instead of online only. Duh! So we did that Sunday after leaving their house and J went nuts with the gun. Boop! Beep! Boop! Beep! It was really funny and we had a good time. It was like shopping but not having to spend any money! Although we did use our store credit to buy the last onesie which was blue and white stripes with a whale on it that says “I’m Whaley Cute!” C’mon, we just had to! 🙂

Baby is 10.5 inches long now, about the length of a large banana, but weighs about a pound this week!! Jaxson is now kicking and moving with precision in the womb and has some sort of a sleep/wake schedule already. The eyebrows and eyelids are fully formed now although the iris still lacks color behind those lids.

The 3rd trimester is sneaking up fast!


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  1. birminghambell
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 21:49:44

    I think that we could feel mine moving from the outside at around 22 weeks so it’s coming soon!!! 🙂 YAY for you!


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