24 Weeks

Here we are at 5.5 months and it is really beginning to set in with both of us that there is really a baby on the way, and soon! It seems just yesterday that we were beginning our journey to mommyhood and here we are, a little less than 5 months away from meeting our little man. It has been an “exciting” last two weeks, that’s for sure.

Last Monday, October 8th, J started having some trouble breathing. Luckily she was off of work for Columbus Day so she was home and could do her nebulizer treatment for her asthma. By the time I got home at 5:30 she had had a minor asthma attack. We did some cleaning, thinking maybe it was too dusty in the house and that was giving her trouble, but then when we went to lay down for bed around 11 pm, she had another full-blown asthma attack. She was really dizzy and kind of out of it, under her eyes was really dark like she had a black eye, and she was wheezing. In almost 5 years together I had never heard her wheeze like that, so I told her to get dressed because I was taking her to the hospital. Her rescue inhaler wasn’t helping so I knew that if she wasn’t breathing neither was little Jax. So we loaded up in the car and I took her to the hospital where she was pretty quickly admitted. We were placed in an ER room right in front of the nurse’s station and they gave her a nebulizer treatment and took a chest x-ray. They found that she had the beginnings of bronchitis (which she didn’t know) and gave her steroids and antibiotics and sent us on our way at 2 am with instructions for J to follow up with her regular doctor within the week.

Oh yeah, and while we were at the ER they brought in a woman who had tried to hang herself at home that night! It was so crazy. The nurses and doctors were all in a bustle trying to get her stabilized and admitted and of course the cops had to stay stationed outside of the room. It was like we were in a real-life version of ER or something! The ER staff definitely has their work cut out for them.

J spent the rest of the week resting but she was still really fatigued and having trouble breathing. She went to her regular doctor and they told her to keep up with what she was doing and gave her orders to stay home and keep doing her nebulizer treatments. Her doctor’s office also called the pulmonologist to make an appointment, which she’s been trying to do since our OB Dr. Connors requested at last month’s check-up. The pulmonologist called J back and said they refused to see her because she was pregnant! So after a few more phone calls, J got in to another pulmonologist. Boy, what an experience. The office smelled musty, someone was wearing WAY too much perfume, and this one woman would. not. SHUT. UP. She was going on and on and on about voodoo and African people and how Jesus was always there to protect her, and her poor soft-spoken friend with her was just grinning and nodding because she couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. J was ready to kill her by the time she got called back, and we could still hear her talking from the exam room! The pulmonologist, Dr. P was okay. J wasn’t a huge fan, so maybe once she is not pregnant she will check out another doctor for her asthma management. But for now, Dr. P had her stay home for another week and changed her Advair to Flovent to see if it helps manage her asthma better. J also got a new nebulizer machine since her old one crapped out after so much use these past two weeks, so that was great.

Which brings us to this week…24 weeks already! We have been going back and forth about whether or not we were going to try to move when our lease is up in March, but I think we have finally decided to stay put here for another year. It is just smarter, physically and fiscally, and I think we can make it work and fit here just fine. We have been doing some re-organization around our tiny apartment, moving some stuff around and trying to utilize our storage space to the best of our ability, and we found a dresser for $45 at Target (it was on sale from $155 – yeah!) for our room which really helped! We put our old dresser into the baby’s room and since it is a cherry-ish color it matches the crib well enough. So far it looks really good in there and it is really beginning to give us baby fever. I can’t wait to see what goodies we get at the baby shower and am just so excited to be finally getting the baby’s room together. J even told me we could put together the baby crib since we are staying here, but after our 4 hour dresser assembly session last night, we might be waiting a little bit on that. 😉

Jaxson has been kicking up a storm lately and J can really feel him in there. I have felt him kicking a few more times and it is so wonderful. We had our OB appointment last Thursday and everything is going well so far. J is being sent to check on her iron levels since she has been really fatigued lately and to get her glucose test done, but Dr. Connors really didn’t seem too concerned about either test. We have our perinatologist appointment on November 7th and I can’t wait to see Jax again. My mom keeps asking when we are going to do our next 3D ultrasound – trust me we are ready! We will probably wait until the end of November/beginning of December before we do that, but rest assured we will post pictures if/when we do. 🙂

Jaxson is about 14 inches long this week, about the length of an ear of corn, and weighs in around 1.5 pounds already! His lungs are developing the blood vessels and tiny air sacs which will allow him to breathe outside of the womb. Jax’s skin is less transparent now also, and has a rosy pink glow to it. Considered viable at this stage of pregnancy, in the unfortunate event Jax were to be born early, he would have a chance of survival outside the womb.

Our little man is gaining about 4-6 ounces A WEEK now!


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  1. birminghambell
    Oct 20, 2012 @ 22:18:38

    Who wears perfume to a pulmonologist?! Inconsiderate!!! I hope J feels better!


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