25 Weeks

We are finally getting to the point where time seems to be flying. It feels like it was just the other day when we got that positive pregnancy test and now here we are, one week away from being SIX MONTHS PREGNANT. That’s half a year people! I can’t believe it and I know J is just as amazed as I am (and ready to be done already!)

Despite being nearly two-thirds of the way through this pregnancy, J still thinks she is superwoman and tries to do all these things that, well, she just shouldn’t be doing. Like lifting the 30 pound box of cat litter…from the bottom of the shopping cart to the check out stand. The cashier at Target was laughing at me yelling at J for doing so, too. Not to mention she spent the evening tonight cleaning our carpets with the carpet cleaner machine we borrowed from her mom and now…she’s ready to drop from exhaustion and her hands are all rubbed raw. Boo.

My back has been threatening to go out for the last three weeks now and I’ve been keeping it at bay by icing it (with frozen peas!) and keeping Lidocaine pain patches on it. So I know that given that fact, I’m not much help around the house, at least not as much as I could be. J takes good care of me and in doing so, tends to do these things for me when she really shouldn’t be doing them herself. At least this time I bleached out the bathtub instead of her doing it so hopefully we avoid more asthma-related problems on that front.

In other news, Jaxson has really had a growth spurt this week. You can feel him all over J’s belly now and he’s getting big! The other morning he was stretched all the way from one side to the other. He gets mad when you press on him though and promptly moved around to the side. It is really amazing though, and I can feel him much more frequently now. He likes when you sing to him and when Bubba lays on J’s stomach in the mornings. And he really likes my favorite singer, Ben Gibbard. He’s definitely my little Mini Indie Rock! We got the crib all put together last weekend and it looks really great. Our cat, Bubba, has been checking it out but he can’t jump in there on his own, but he does enjoy laying underneath it. He really likes the changing table too, so I don’t think we’ll have an issue with him hating all the baby stuff. The vet’s advice was to let him check it all out beforehand to get acclimated to it, so far so good. 🙂

In less than stellar news though, today we got a letter from our OB’s office. Dr. Connors will be going out on a medical leave of absence starting this week and won’t be back until January 28, 2013. Yep, you read that right – she’s out of the office for the rest of our pregnancy! J and I were very upset about this news. My sister has seen Dr. Connors’ partner Dr. Clayton though and said she was really nice, so hopefully we can switch to her and be okay. We are just nervous. Granted, I know that Jax is not due until February 10, but we won’t have Dr. Connors to hold our hands through the remaining 3 months of the pregnancy. It is sad news, but we are just trying to stay calm and take it one step at a time. Next week is the perinatologist follow-up appointment with Dr. Morales to find out about the placenta and if it has moved up enough to avoid bed rest, and then on the 15th we go to Dr. Connors…er Clayton? for our 6 month follow up. J has to get her glucose test done on the 10th (yay….not!) and we get to hear those results on the 15th. I think everything will be okay, but we will just have to see.

I guess that is all I have to say for now. Oh, the baby shower is this upcoming weekend, so we’ve been working diligently on getting ahead on our homework assignments so we can have a worry-free weekend. Everyone is so excited for the shower, it is really cute! I know that I can’t wait to see everyone and see what kind of neat gifts we get. Most of all, I can’t wait for everyone to get together to celebrate the life we have created together and share in the love we have for our little boy. 🙂

Jaxson is really getting big! He’s about 14.5 inches long now and weighing in at around 1.75 pounds. That’s about as much as a head of cauliflower! His brain is beginning to form grooves and crevices this week to make room for nerves to grow. He’s got a regular sleep schedule now and may even get a case of the hiccups now that he is “breathing” amniotic fluid and giving those little lungs a workout. Jax may even be opening his eyes for the first time this week!

Our little man knows up from down now!


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