Perinatologist Appointment #2

Today’s visit at the perinatologist, Dr. Morales, went very well. Everything with little Jaxson is absolutely perfect – all of his measurements were fine and he’s growing like a weed! Jax is already weighing about 2 lb 3 oz. J still has marginal placenta previa, which means that the edge of the placenta is sitting just on the edge of the cervix opening. Dr. Morales isn’t worried at all, he said that 90% of the time cases like ours move up and out of the way before its time to deliver. He is very optimistic that J won’t have to have a C-section, so we were happy to hear that. We do have to go back in 6 or 7 weeks to have yet another ultrasound (this will be #9!) to make sure it has moved up. That puts us just after Christmas and J will be around 33 weeks by that time. Crazy! We want to do another 3D ultrasound, probably closer to the beginning of December and that will give us a grand total of 10 ultrasounds for this pregnancy.

We were very happy to know that Jax is perfect in every way, as if we had any doubt! It was so great to see him. He has really gotten big! I realized that we never posted the pictures from our last visit to Dr. Morales, so to compare, here is one from 9/25/12 followed by the one from today, 11/7/12.

It looks like he is saluting! 9.25.12

We definitely think he’s got J’s nose at this point! 11.7.12


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  1. carla
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 19:25:33

    Sooo happy for you both! Sending home a few things for Jax with your mom and Mark!! xo


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