27 Weeks…Third Trimester Begins!

WOW! Time certainly is flying by now. Not only is this the beginning of the third and final trimester, but it is also the start of our busy time of year. Between the holidays coming up, birthdays, and general end of year preparations, it is finally setting in that OMG, Jaxson will be here soon.

We only have 13 weeks to go now, and trust me, we are ready, sort of. Yes. No. Okay, maybe the word isn’t ready, but we are feeling slightly more prepared and way more anxious for the big day. Its funny, because we have been working on getting the nursery in order, and it is making us more calm about it all, but at the same time it is making us stop and think, there’s going to be a baby here soon and this is where he will live. We both have our moments of panic, fear, excitement, and a mixture of all of the above, but despite it all, Jaxson is coming and ready or not…well there isn’t really an option for us not to be ready! 🙂

All of the grandparents seem to be really excited and impatient too. The other day, my mom told me that she already loves Jax so much and can’t wait to cuddle with him! It made my heart smile. And J’s mom sent us a card that said she couldn’t wait to hold him. Our boy is going to have so much love, he won’t know what to do with himself.

In other news, we found out yesterday that our donor is no longer listed on the NY Cryos website! We have been talking about using a different donor when I start trying to get pregnant, so I guess it just goes to confirm that decision. We want to choose a donor that looks more like J, preferably a Jewish one so that both of our kids will have that ancestry. We feel that will just help to make our family a little more cohesive and unified.

We have our sixth month OB appointment this upcoming Thursday with our interim doctor. We are nervous but trusting that Dr. Connors left us in good hands. I hear our OB visits will start becoming more frequent soon too. Welcome to the busy season for sure!

Jaxson now measures around 15 inches long and weighs a little over two pounds (like an eggplant). In the last trimester, he’ll gain about half a pound each week and a few more inches in length. Jaxson pretty much looks like he will on his birthday, although he’ll be plumper once he arrives as fat continues to develop under his skin. His muscle tone is being fine tuned (hence all those kicks to the gut J is feeling) and his brain is showing activity now, focusing on developing Jaxson’s visual and auditory senses.

Three more months until Jaxson is here!!


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