28 Weeks

Oh boy. We had our checkup this past Thursday with the interim doctor at our OB’s office. It was difficult, to say the least. She didn’t really get off on the right foot with us, as she walks in, looks at me, and goes, “Are you guys twins?” I responded with, “No, this is my wife.” And the doctor then says, “Oh, do you get that a lot – the twin thing?” And in my most annoyed voice I simply said, “Unfortunately.” Now, we do get this question a lot because I guess two plus-size girls with brown hair in ponytails and rectangular eyeglasses means that we look so similar that we are confused for twins. But why on Earth this woman decided to walk in the door the first time meeting us and say this – I’ll never know.

So as we are off on the wrong foot, let’s keep running with it. She berated J for having high sugar at her one-hour glucose test and immediately starting going on and on about how J needs to be on a special diet, pills, and possibly insulin. She also started rattling on about J’s marginal placenta previa and how she is going to have to have a C-section two weeks before her due date. J mentioned something about being nervous about the epidural to have the C-section, and instead of being comforting, the doctor says that if J doesn’t get an epidural she’ll be put to sleep for the C-section and I wouldn’t be able to be in the room. Not the best news to give someone in the first fifteen minutes of the appointment. She instructed J to be on pelvic rest, which means no lifting or bending or standing for too long, and when J asked for a note for her job about it, the doctor asks J what should she put on the note. Really? Didn’t you just say what needed to be avoided? She just gave off an air of cockiness but then she was unsure and unconfident in her decisions.

The doctor also asked if we had chosen a pediatrician yet (yep!), if we had a name picked out, and if we were planning to circumcise. Now that’s a hairy subject. We put a post on Facebook a while ago just asking for opinions about it, knowing full well what our decision was already, and we were shocked and outraged at the responses. Some people were really just so rude about it. I don’t care if that’s what you chose to do for your child, that’s your choice. But don’t judge me and tell me that I am doing the wrong thing by choosing not to circumcise. And this doctor, instead of just writing down our answer (not circumcising), she turned and gave us a look and said “Oh.” Then, she got pissed because of J’s weight. Let me tell you, J has only gained 17 pounds the entire pregnancy, and from the attitude in this lady’s voice, well she may as well have just called her a cow. She was that intense.

We really miss Dr. Connors. And we can only hope that she will be back in time for our delivery on February 10th (she is supposed to end her medical leave on January 28th, which is cutting it close!). Now that we see the OB every two weeks, we are really dreading it and stressing out about seeing this woman again. There is another doctor in the practice, so we are going to call tomorrow and see if there is any way we can go to her until Dr. Connors returns instead of this unbearable woman. We are trying not to think about what happens if we are stuck with her, because J said there is no way she trusts her to cut her open for a C-section. Honestly, I am pretty easygoing and a “go with the flow” kind of person, but this woman sets me on edge like nobody’s business. I don’t even feel confident in having her for a C-section if that were to happen, so I know how upset J must be. In fact, she was up the other night crying because of it because she was so stressed out. On top of regular pregnancy woes, J has anxiety trouble, and since being pregnant she can’t take her medication. So she really needs a doctor to calm her down, not increase her stress levels. So if we can’t switch to Dr. Clayton (the other doctor in Dr. Connors’ practice), we are going to see how the perinatologist appointment goes on December 19th. If J’s placenta has moved up, then the chance of a C-section is much lower and we may try to stick it out until Dr. Connors comes back. But if it hasn’t moved up or is getting worse and we can’t switch to Dr. Clayton until Dr. Connors comes back, then we may have to consider switching out of her practice altogether. It scares me to do so, but I think it would be the best to ease our worries.

But, we will just have to see how tomorrow goes when J calls and hope for the best. Please let us be able to see Dr. Clayton instead. And please dear placenta, move up up and away from J’s cervix, for so many reasons.

J also had to go take a 3-hour glucose test again on Friday by this doctor’s orders, which of course made her ill all day. Her arms looked like pincushions by the end! I am just hoping the results give a better picture of what is going on so maybe this doctor will back off some. I know it is important to manage gestational diabetes, but without any benchmark readings to base it on, I think she didn’t have the full picture.

It’s been a stressful week for sure, with a lot of heavy decisions weighing on us. At least the Fall term at school is over in just a couple of weeks, so that will be one less thing to worry about. I am just hoping for good news from our OB’s office and our perinatologist. And what a great time to have to start a lower carb diet with the holidays coming up. We are just trying to do the right things for us and our baby boy, and wondering why we are being tested with this situation right now. With only 12 weeks left, we are getting down to the wire and each decision we make is hugely important.

Enough bitching (LOL) – today Jax was really hurting J. She had to go lay down because he was cramming himself into her pelvis and kicking. So I started rubbing her stomach and pressing on him, hoping to get him to move up and he kicked me so hard my hand bounced off her stomach and I could see her stomach moving from his motions! I laid my hand there for a couple minutes and it is almost continuous motion now, kick kick punch punch kick punch kick kick. I don’t know how J does it because he is super active! We are going to have our hands full when he is a toddler for sure! The only thing that got him to calm down was me putting my favorite singer’s new album on and placing it on her stomach. Finally he moved up and out of the way and gave her some relief, but we just laughed because it was my music that calmed him down. Jax is definitely going to be a lot like me after all. πŸ™‚

We are scheduling another 3D ultrasound for December 1st if we can. We will be 30 weeks that day, so I think it would be really great to get to see Jax again when he really looks like a human being instead of an alien! It is a bright spot that we are looking forward to among all the other crap we are dealing with and we’re just focusing on that for now. Afterwards we are going to go to Build-a-Bear for J’s birthday. I think we are going to make a bear (or two!) for Jax!

So for now, I’ll end this post and get ready for bed. Its Thanksgiving this Thursday and I’m choosing to be thankful for all of the wonderful things in our lives, and keeping the negatives in perspective. We can get through this, we always have. I just hope that we know the right choice to make for ourselves, and for Jax. πŸ™‚

Jaxson is about 2.5 pounds now and close to 16 inches long (he’s a Chinese cabbage this week)! J’s womb is getting crowded and Jax doesn’t have much room to move around, but his kicks and punches are definitely more noticeable. Jaxson can also blink and has all of his eyelashes now. He is also able to have REM sleep and even dreams (although of what, I’m not sure!).

Sweet dreams, little guy!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. birminghambell
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 22:49:40

    That pisses me off that she would even mention putting J completely asleep for a c section!!!! That’s not a normal suggestion at all…it just sounds like a bitchy comment to say “oh well I’ll just show you, and rob you of your whole birth experience!!” UGH!!!! I really hope you can switch or that the doctor you saw recently gets a mild case of botulism to put her on leave for a few months! I would be clawing and fighting my way towards another doctor! Nobody wants a rude or inconsiderate doctor….or one who doesn’t care if you’re conscious for your babes birth! That’s a big deal. And IF you do have to go the c section route, I’ll tell you that it’s a breeze once they put that curtain up…of course it’s scary before that, but I was amazed that I didn’t even feel any pressure when they took Harper out! All the TV shows lead me to believe I would feel this crazy pressure! Well, good luck, and here’s to the botulism thing!


    • B
      Nov 19, 2012 @ 06:25:19

      Exactly! She was just really abrasive and jacked our anxiety levels up unnecessarily. I hope we can see the other doctor until ours comes back for sure. And thank you for sharing your C section experience. We would rather not go that route if at all possible, but its nice to hear a good story instead of a horror story lol


  2. Robin Jones
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 12:02:38

    You will be able to switch to the other Dr. In the practice. That lady was a bitch no doubt! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Dr. Connors returns in time.


  3. Aunt Bobbie
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 07:50:45

    Welcome to the wonderful world of OB’s! Yes, there are some great ones but then there are the one like you had. Sorry to say, as a doula I saw much of this kind of crap. Get henci Goer’s book on interventions, sorry my books are packed up and can’t remember the title. And WooWhoo for NOT circumcizing!! JAX will thank you.


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