29 Weeks

I remember when J and I were 11 weeks pregnant and thought that it seemed like 40 weeks was an awfully long time to be pregnant. Now that we are on the flip side of that, with only 11 weeks left until our due date, it seems like it has gone by so quickly! Well, not quickly enough for J, who is now having chronic backaches, tummy troubles, and other unhappy symptoms and discomforts. She said it herself the other day though, that it could be a lot worse. She’s just not cut out for pregnancy. We follow a blogger who is having twins and having loads of trouble with leg swelling and J thanks her lucky stars that her ankles are still fluid-less and bony. I guess she’s choosing to see a bright side to her pregnancy journey!

Having a pregnant wife and watching her side of this journey, despite all of the discomforts, aches, and pains she’s experiencing, really makes me want to experience pregnancy myself. When we first talked about having kids, it was the plan that I would be the one doing the baby-baking. J just wasn’t interested in being pregnant herself. But when the time came that we were ready to start trying, J decided she didn’t want to miss out on the experience and as she is a little bit older than me, we decided that she would “go first”. I know that she doesn’t regret this decision now, and I’m so happy she chose to experience it. Besides, I told her that it would help her be more sympathetic to my pregnancy woes when it’s my turn! 😉

Regardless, it is an amazing and incredible journey and I stand in awe of my wife and what she is going through to start our family. There are times when she is talking about Jaxson kicking her or having to pee all the time or how she’s got horrific heartburn (we have found that’s how Jax lets her know he’s hungry!) and I find myself being a little envious of her. At least I feel more involved now since I get to feel him a lot more as he’s moved up in her belly and is close to the surface. The other morning, I was feeling her belly and it felt like I was poking at an arm when he responded by poking me back. It was so cool. You can hear his heartbeat now too and sometimes even see him moving under her skin. Call me crazy, but I can’t wait until my turn to be pregnant so I can experience the miracle of baking a bun in the oven. She laughs at me now and tells me she’ll see how I feel about it all once I’m actually pregnant. I guess we will just have to wait and see. 🙂 But for now, I’m happy being her partner and supporting her as she copes with all of the changes her body is going through, each doctor’s visit and ultrasound, and equally as impatiently awaiting the day that little Jax makes his big debut.

This upcoming weekend we are going for our 3D ultrasound. She will be 30 weeks on that day and I can’t wait to see Jaxson again. The ultrasound place said that the picture should be pretty accurate as to what he will look like on his birthday, just a little less pudgy since he has a few pounds to pack on still! Both of our moms, my sister, and J’s cousin are all coming too and I know they are all just as excited to see him. Our little boy has so much love already. I think that is one of the most amazing things of all – just how much not only J and I but everyone can love someone so much that we haven’t even met yet.

We just had Thanksgiving last Thursday and I am thankful for my family and my friends, and my wife and the family we are building together. The miracle of life is truly inspiring. It changes every fiber of your being, your outlook on life, your priorities, your purpose. Jaxson is not even here in our arms yet and I’ve seen the change happening in both J and I – we aren’t waiting until he is here to become mothers, we are already beginning to see the world from that viewpoint. I can’t wait to see how much more we change as people, as wives, as a family, and how our parents will change too. I can’t wait to see them as grandparents to our baby boy and the look on their faces when they meet him for the first time. I am thankful for love because without it, J and I wouldn’t be here together on this journey. 🙂

Jaxson is about 16 inches long and weighs about as much as a butternut squash (just over 3 pounds) and his weight will nearly triple before his birthday! His head is also growing bigger this week to accommodate his brain’s growth. He is keeping active in there and is continuing to pile on fat under his skin. J may start feeling his hiccups soon as he practices breathing the amniotic fluid.

Jaxson is going to be a very active baby based on how much he moves in J’s belly!


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