34 Weeks

There is only 6 weeks left and it seems like an eternity and such a short amount of time all in one. Christmas was fun and we received some last gifts we needed for Jaxson as well as Target gift cards to buy what we didn’t get as gifts (we got the pack-and-play from my parents and bought a mattress pad and sheets for it). I think our nesting instincts are in overdrive right now as we organize and re-organize all of his things. We have washed all of Jax’s outfits up to 3 months and while we have curbed our outfit buying tendencies, both of our moms have kept buying him outfits (in 6+ month sizes of course!). Needless to say, Jax will want for nothing and be an extremely well-dressed boy if nothing else. 🙂

J went to her OB visit this week and her blood pressure came back a little high at 140/80. J has never had blood pressure problems in her life, but the nurse had her lie on her left side for a while and when they re-checked it, it was perfect again at 110/60. The doctor has given her orders to lie on her left side for at least an hour each day, in addition to the time she spends in bed at night, just to help keep her blood pressure in check. She also has to go back on 1/3 for a blood pressure check again. J also got some crazy news at this appointment – Dr. Carlin, the OB that is taking Dr. Connors place while she’s on medical leave, will be leaving as of January 1st. Apparently there is some issue with the billing for a temporary doctor, so they cannot stay on longer than 60 days. So J is definitely getting some practice in patience and dealing with change during this pregnancy and will see a new doctor starting this week. At least Dr. Connors returns at the beginning of February, so hopefully Jax stays put until then.

However, speaking of Jax’s birthday, we found out some exciting news about J’s labor and delivery. We called the hospital yesterday and asked the labor and delivery unit how many people could be in the delivery room. The nurse said that a few people can be in and out during labor, but during delivery it is generally up to the doctor, but usually it is two people allowed. However, the only exception is for both grandmas and the mother’s partner to be present – so win! Both of our moms should be allowed to be in the room during the delivery. J had waffled back and forth about it for almost the entire pregnancy, but we feel it is really important that they are both there and it looks like they will be. Yay!

Over Christmas we took wagers from both of our families as to what his birthdate, height, and weight will be. We don’t know yet what the prize for being the closest guess will be, but I think it is fun thing to do to pass the time. I wonder who will win? Here are the guesses:

Jaxson Predictions

I can’t believe that we hit the 8 month mark today and are quickly approaching 2013! It is incredible to think that the majority of 2012 was spent getting pregnant and carrying Jax and now, he will be here soon. I can’t believe how much we all love him already and can’t wait to meet him and see everyone’s love for him continue to grow. I know I can’t wait! We go back to Dr. Morales on 1/3 to check on the status of the placenta previa and to measure Jax to make sure he’s growing well. We are both excited to see Jax again! 🙂

Week 34 - Honeydew

Jaxson weighs as much as a honeydew melon now, about 5 pounds. He is also getting really close to his birth height, around 18.5 inches this week. He can recognize and react to songs you sing to him and may even find them soothing once he’s born. Jax should also be descending lower into the pelvis soon, preparing for birth, and giving J a little more breathing room as he moves away from her lungs. The only downside will be that Jax will literally be sitting on her bladder, so she may have to live in the bathroom for a few weeks.

Jax can regulate his body temperature pretty well now thanks to the layers of fat he’s been adding these past few weeks!


33 Weeks

Since I posted so late this past week, there isn’t really much to report at this time. Jaxson keeps getting hiccups, so it looks like he is bouncing around all over J’s stomach at times. He still moves and kicks A LOT and I get to feel him quite frequently now. My sister will go up to J and poke her belly and I am just waiting for the day that Jax will poke her back. I think she would freak out!

Christmas is quickly approaching and it is hard to believe that December has come and nearly gone, meaning that 2013 is just around the corner. We survived the Mayan “end of the world” just fine and luckily our Christmas gifts we purchased will not go to waste. I get off work early on Christmas Eve and we are spending the evening with J’s parents and cousin and we are spending the day with my family on Christmas and I am really looking forward to it. My Dad decorated the house this year so it looks very festive. J and I have talked about what we will celebrate at home in the future, and of course Hanukkah is a given. But I have always wanted to have my own tree and while we can’t have a real one due to J’s allergies (and the mess, let’s be honest they shed entirely too much and are way too expensive!), she has agreed to having a fake tree for me to decorate. I don’t see a problem with letting Jax celebrate both holidays, as we each come from a different background, consequently so does he. So next year I am looking forward to picking out a tree with him and hanging stockings. Luckily I have always loved blue and silver tree decorations, so at least our Christmas tree will keep with the Jew color scheme. Maybe Jax will help decorate too, as much as a 10 month old can of course. Perhaps he will just have to supervise this upcoming year. 🙂 I want to make our own stockings too, as J pointed out, we will actually have to have gifts at our house this year instead of just bringing them all to our parents’. I wonder if having a child will help put us all back into the holiday spirit, as it was a little dampened this year. It was just hard to get very excited. My mom says it is just because we are ready for it to be over and for February to be here already because we are more excited for Jax’s arrival. I think she may be right!

We have a few blog followers/friends who have given birth this past week and it is so exciting even though they are so far away and we have never met. Our thoughts have been with R & AW over at Double Trouble Bangkok and their twin girls that were just delivered on the 21st. And then there is C who happened to use our same donor and she had a very adorable baby girl on the 20th. It is amazing to see how much Jaxson’s ultrasound pictures look like the baby, I mean after all they are technically related via our donor. At first we felt a little weird about the whole thing when C first contacted us, after all, it was uncharted territory and just WTF do you do? But I think it will be fun to keep in touch and see how our babies grow and for Jax to know that yes, there is someone else out there much like him. Who knows? It could come in handy some day.

We spent a few hours yesterday putting together the stroller (which was much, much easier to do than the bouncer/swing combo) and getting all of the stuff ready to go into the car to stay (mirror, car seat mat, shopping cart cover, and of course our awesome convertible car seat). I have been waiting for ages to put the car seat in the car and now that January is just around the corner, J says she will let me do it soon. YAY! I get all excited about the baby gear, and we still need to get an alternate car seat for my car so we won’t have to switch it between cars every time. We packed the baby’s bag for the hospital, in the awesome Paul Frank diaper bag we found on sale for $5.00, and picked out an outfit or two (or three) for Jax’s coming home. We weren’t sure how big he would be, hence the couple of outfits to account for varying size. 🙂 J’s bag can’t really be packed just yet since she uses and/or wears most of the items on a daily basis, but we have made a list of what we’ll need to bring for her on D-Day so we are ready. She has been crazy nesting, cleaning everything in sight, and today actually complained to me that she had nothing else to clean. So she settled on doing some laundry. She is really popping out and it is getting hard for her to do the simplest things, like sit for too long, but she is hanging in there and now that her cold is finally going away/gone, it has helped her to cope with pregnancy aches and pains much better.

I can’t believe that we are finally coming to an end of our pregnancy journey and that Jaxson will be here sooner rather than later. There are only 7 weeks to go and incidentally, next Saturday marks our 8th month of pregnancy. There’s really not much time left at all, although it still feels like ages until we will meet our son. After all, it will be next year when he arrives! 🙂

Week 33 - PineappleJaxson is now close to 18 inches long and weighs close to 4.5 pounds this week, similar to a pineapple. His wrinkled skin is smoothing out now and it looks like an alien has taken up residence in J’s stomach at this point. Jaxson is beginning to coordinate breathing with sucking/swallowing, which is a very important skill he’ll need outside of the womb. As a creepy factor, he can sleep with his eyes open now, but let’s hope he doesn’t keep that up once he’s arrived!

Jax is having more major brain development this week – YAY smart baby!

32.5 Weeks

Okay so I’m a little late to posting this week. Both J and I have been really sick and dealing with all of the fun that comes along with that. Of course, its beginning to get generally uncomfortable for J at this stage of the game anyway, so being so sick on top of that isn’t helping her much at all.

We ended up going to the OB on Tuesday the 11th because J was having trouble breathing due to the cold, so the OB wanted to see her. Her blood oxygen was at 95%, which is NOT acceptable, pregnant or not! The OB called the pulmonologist and had them schedule her in for that morning also. Additionally, the OB asked how J was feeling in general in regards to her asthma, and J finally broke down and expressed her concerns and limitations. She has been barely able to walk from our house to the car without getting winded (forget about grocery shopping, as she’s gasping for breath by the end of it) because she simply just doesn’t have much room for her lungs anymore since Jaxson has been moving upwards. Coupled with her asthma, she’s just not doing well on that front.

So the OB asked if she was ready to be pulled from work and put on rest and reluctantly, J said that yes, she was ready. She filled out all of the disability paperwork for J no problems and sent it over to her HR department. Now we are just waiting for that to all come through and get approved so J can start collecting her disability benefits.

In other news, after almost 2 weeks I am finally starting to feel better from this wicked cold but J is still struggling with it. Unfortunately she can’t take much for it, as the antibiotics didn’t help me at all, so she must suffer through. Our upstairs neighbors are snowbirds and are back in town for who knows how long, clomping about up there like they weigh 500 pounds and are wearing steel-toed boots, hammering incessantly on the floor it sounds like. So J is not only home all day sick, but can’t exactly get any rest due to their noise. Oh neighbors.

We were supposed to have our perinatologist follow-up appointment today with Dr. Morales, however I think the powers-that-be have other plans. First, the secretary called on Monday afternoon to reschedule the appointment for early morning on Tuesday, which we can’t do because I can’t get off of work and had Wednesday afternoon already approved. So after J called back (and with much arguing) she got the secretary to merely push our original 3:00 appointment back to 2:30 instead. Why she didn’t do that in the first place is beyond my comprehension. Not to mention, when J asked why she needed to reschedule on such short notice, the secretary replied, “Well, um, we might close early that day.” Really. No. Regardless, the appointment will not be happening anyway because they called again to now tell us that their office has flooded out and they will be unable to do our follow-up ultrasound. Brilliant. Apparently, we aren’t supposed to go to this appointment just yet!

Its been a very touchy week for sure. Emotions run high when illness strikes, and having two women in various states of sickness and distress in one house can be difficult, but we are making it. Our crazy cat decided to wake us at 4:45 this morning by running around the house and yowling at the walls and banging on our closet doors. Upon further investigation we realized we left down his giant catnip ball and so he was acting insane because he was high. At least due to our early start this morning we had time to go grab a quick breakfast and a giant Starbucks for me to power me through my workday. Yum! 🙂

J’s symptoms of pregnancy have gotten more intense this past week…major heartburn and indigestion and some cramps (which I’m guessing are Braxton-Hicks). Not to mention Jax is REALLY kicking now. You can feel each and every move he makes, and I think he’s finally moved head-down and is getting “locked-and-loaded”. It’s still so hard to believe we are only about 7 weeks away from D-Day! J’s been taking it easy for the most part, although we did venture out this weekend to watch The Hobbit with my family (excellent!) and finish our Hanukkah celebrations at J’s mom’s house (yay!). The next major hurdle is Christmas in less than a week!

I am excited to see what everyone got and how they like the gifts that we got them. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, not for the religious aspects nor the joys of shopping (sooooo not a fan of shopping on any occasion let alone alongside the frantic masses), but because it is always a fun, laid-back time with my family with good food and lots of laughs. I just can’t believe how quickly this year has gone and while I’m thankful for all of the wonderful things that have happened this year, I’m looking forward to what 2013 shall bring!

So without further ado, here is where our not-so-little guy is on the growth charts this week!

Week 32 - JicamaJaxson now measures 17 inches and weighs 4 pounds, about the same size as a jicama. Fun fact for those of you who don’t know (because I didn’t!) a jicama is a type of potato-like vegetable, sometimes substituted for water chestnuts in stir fry because it is cheaper. Jaxson now has full fingernails and toenails as well as hair on that little head of his! (hopefully not too much though LOL)

He’s really getting crowded in there!

31 Weeks

The clock is ticking and reality is setting in…in only TWO months our little guy will be here. Holy crap! We are now 7 months along (YAY!) and J is getting bigger every day it seems. She has only gained a couple of pounds since last month’s checkup so her weight gain is perfectly on track, its just that she doesn’t have much room left in there for Jaxson to hide, so now he’s popping out. You can see feet/hands on the surface of her belly now, which is pretty insane. And he’s kicking near constantly, so no break for J just yet. She’s been having more trouble breathing, but its not like there’s anything they can do about it, she’s just got to take it a little easier and take breaks when walking for a while. She’s got asthma so her lungs already don’t function at 100%, but if she takes it easy I think she’ll be just fine. She is just finally realizing that she can’t do all these things that she used to be able to do, but at least she’s only got to relax for 9 more weeks (give or take a couple of course). I think she looks great though – I am a lucky woman! 🙂

jenn 7 months

In other news, after 3 years of growing it out, I finally cut my hair off and am donating it to a program Pantene has called “Beautiful Lengths”. They give wigs away to women who have/had cancer and I think its a great cause. There are other organizations, but some charge for their wigs, and I really liked that Pantene just gives them away. I think my thick, curly hair could make a nice wig! Besides being a little creeped out at having a chunk of hair sitting on the counter staring at me while my hair was cut and styled, I feel good about my donation. 🙂 Maybe J and I won’t get the “are you twins?” comments as much now that I can wear my hair down again!


We had a mini photo shoot the other day in honor of 7 months and J wearing her new maternity shirt from Old Navy. I love this one!

love 7 months

We don’t have much to report until December 19th when we go back to Dr. Morales to see how the placenta is moving up (hopefully it is!). Jaxson has been moving up in J’s stomach more and is kicking higher, so hopefully that means the placenta has also moved up now that her uterus has. Fingers crossed for good news and no C-Section! 🙂

Week 31 - Squash

Jaxson is really starting to weigh in, measuring just below 17 inches now and almost 4 pounds, about as much as an acorn squash weighs. He’s starting to crowd J’s lungs as her uterus (and Jaxson) continue growing upward. All five of his senses are working and he’s reacting to light as well as sleeping on a regular basis. Movements, even tiny ones, can be felt much more easily now that there’s less room in there. Jax knows up from down and can now turn his head side to side too.

Jax is quickly approaching his birth length – only two months left!

30 Week Checkup

We just got done at our 30 week checkup with Dr. Carlin. At least she was a lot less intense this time around. She reviewed the results of J’s 3 hour glucose test (which she passed) and NO gestational diabetes. YAY! So that was some good news at least. J is measuring perfectly for her week (30 cm) and Jax’s heartbeat was strong and steady in the 140s.

There isn’t really much else to report until after our next perinatologist appointment with Dr. Morales on December 19th to see if the placenta has moved up at all. Our next appointment with Dr. Carlin is on December 27th. She said nothing exciting would be happening at our checkups until 36 weeks for the Group B Strep test. Let’s hope that goes well when the time comes. 🙂

3D Ultrasound – 30 Weeks

What an amazing week! Jaxson is not only kicking up a storm, but moving so much that you can now see J’s stomach rolling with his punches, literally. It is the craziest thing to see! I can only imagine how weird it is to feel a person moving inside of you like that. It reminds us of a sci-fi movie for sure!

When we aren’t watching J’s stomach moving because our son is practicing to become a kicker in the NFL, we have been nesting. The diaper bag is packed except for an outfit, because that’s just how big of planners we are. We have the entire nursery bedding washed, folded, and put away until he’s here. The entire top drawer of our dresser, filled with 0-3 month clothing, is washed, folded, and ready for him, too. Blankets, socks, hats, burp clothes, receiving blankets – all clean and waiting. Needless to say, we’re very organized but I’m sure it won’t stay that way for long after he’s here. Well, maybe just not as organized. 🙂

We had our 2nd 3D ultrasound Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents), Aunt Panda (my sister, her choice on the name!), Aunt Chelsea (J’s cousin), and Nana (J’s mom). The ultrasound tech was super nice again and took lots of pictures of Jax’s winky since we were giving Nana crap about not believing he was a boy last time we were in there. Trust me, there are definitely boy parts down there!

All joking aside though, the ultrasound was AMAZING!! We had hoped that we would get to see a good picture of his face and wondered if we would get to see Jaxson do anything cool, like blink or move. And we sure did! Jaxson not only blinked but also waved, opened and closed his mouth, and our little acrobat managed to kick himself in the eye too. He looks a lot like J did as a baby with cute chubby cheeks, but he has my nose. Win! My dad was so cute, he was so excited to see Jax in there. I love seeing him get so excited about the baby! We all went to lunch afterwards and then did some shopping. It was a really great day and I am so happy that we got such awesome pictures and video of our little boy! He’s a cutie!

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the pictures from yesterday’s 3D ultrasound:






And here’s the video – he gave us a little wave! YAY! 🙂

We are so excited to meet him and can’t believe we are 75% of the way there. There are only 70 days left until his due date and we are quickly approaching the 7 month mark. Things are getting exciting real quick now!

Week 30 - Pineapple

Jaxson is a pineapple this week! Well in weight at least. He weighs about 3.5 pounds and is just about 17 inches long. J’s uterus is getting crowded and the amniotic fluid level will start decreasing as we progress through the remaining 10 weeks. Jax’s eyesight is still developing and although still a little fuzzy, his eyes react to light filtering in through the womb and he can also tell the difference between natural sunlight and artificial light. All of his other senses are in full working order as well and he continues getting smarter as his brain keeps growing and forming those characteristic ridges and grooves.

Only 10 weeks left until he’s here!!