3D Ultrasound – 30 Weeks

What an amazing week! Jaxson is not only kicking up a storm, but moving so much that you can now see J’s stomach rolling with his punches, literally. It is the craziest thing to see! I can only imagine how weird it is to feel a person moving inside of you like that. It reminds us of a sci-fi movie for sure!

When we aren’t watching J’s stomach moving because our son is practicing to become a kicker in the NFL, we have been nesting. The diaper bag is packed except for an outfit, because that’s just how big of planners we are. We have the entire nursery bedding washed, folded, and put away until he’s here. The entire top drawer of our dresser, filled with 0-3 month clothing, is washed, folded, and ready for him, too. Blankets, socks, hats, burp clothes, receiving blankets – all clean and waiting. Needless to say, we’re very organized but I’m sure it won’t stay that way for long after he’s here. Well, maybe just not as organized. πŸ™‚

We had our 2nd 3D ultrasound Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents), Aunt Panda (my sister, her choice on the name!), Aunt Chelsea (J’s cousin), and Nana (J’s mom). The ultrasound tech was super nice again and took lots of pictures of Jax’s winky since we were giving Nana crap about not believing he was a boy last time we were in there. Trust me, there are definitely boy parts down there!

All joking aside though, the ultrasound was AMAZING!! We had hoped that we would get to see a good picture of his face and wondered if we would get to see Jaxson do anything cool, like blink or move. And we sure did! Jaxson not only blinked but also waved, opened and closed his mouth, and our little acrobat managed to kick himself in the eye too. He looks a lot like J did as a baby with cute chubby cheeks, but he has my nose. Win! My dad was so cute, he was so excited to see Jax in there. I love seeing him get so excited about the baby! We all went to lunch afterwards and then did some shopping. It was a really great day and I am so happy that we got such awesome pictures and video of our little boy! He’s a cutie!

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the pictures from yesterday’s 3D ultrasound:






And here’s the video – he gave us a little wave! YAY! πŸ™‚

We are so excited to meet him and can’t believe we are 75% of the way there. There are only 70 days left until his due date and we are quickly approaching the 7 month mark. Things are getting exciting real quick now!

Week 30 - Pineapple

Jaxson is a pineapple this week! Well in weight at least. He weighs about 3.5 pounds and is just about 17 inches long. J’s uterus is getting crowded and the amniotic fluid level will start decreasing as we progress through the remaining 10 weeks. Jax’s eyesight is still developing and although still a little fuzzy, his eyes react to light filtering in through the womb and he can also tell the difference between natural sunlight and artificial light. All of his other senses are in full working order as well and he continues getting smarter as his brain keeps growing and forming those characteristic ridges and grooves.

Only 10 weeks left until he’s here!!


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  1. Roxxroxx
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 22:08:25

    I wish my parents had been able to come along to one of the appointments. All sounds very exciting!


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