31 Weeks

The clock is ticking and reality is setting in…in only TWO months our little guy will be here. Holy crap! We are now 7 months along (YAY!) and J is getting bigger every day it seems. She has only gained a couple of pounds since last month’s checkup so her weight gain is perfectly on track, its just that she doesn’t have much room left in there for Jaxson to hide, so now he’s popping out. You can see feet/hands on the surface of her belly now, which is pretty insane. And he’s kicking near constantly, so no break for J just yet. She’s been having more trouble breathing, but its not like there’s anything they can do about it, she’s just got to take it a little easier and take breaks when walking for a while. She’s got asthma so her lungs already don’t function at 100%, but if she takes it easy I think she’ll be just fine. She is just finally realizing that she can’t do all these things that she used to be able to do, but at least she’s only got to relax for 9 more weeks (give or take a couple of course). I think she looks great though – I am a lucky woman! 🙂

jenn 7 months

In other news, after 3 years of growing it out, I finally cut my hair off and am donating it to a program Pantene has called “Beautiful Lengths”. They give wigs away to women who have/had cancer and I think its a great cause. There are other organizations, but some charge for their wigs, and I really liked that Pantene just gives them away. I think my thick, curly hair could make a nice wig! Besides being a little creeped out at having a chunk of hair sitting on the counter staring at me while my hair was cut and styled, I feel good about my donation. 🙂 Maybe J and I won’t get the “are you twins?” comments as much now that I can wear my hair down again!


We had a mini photo shoot the other day in honor of 7 months and J wearing her new maternity shirt from Old Navy. I love this one!

love 7 months

We don’t have much to report until December 19th when we go back to Dr. Morales to see how the placenta is moving up (hopefully it is!). Jaxson has been moving up in J’s stomach more and is kicking higher, so hopefully that means the placenta has also moved up now that her uterus has. Fingers crossed for good news and no C-Section! 🙂

Week 31 - Squash

Jaxson is really starting to weigh in, measuring just below 17 inches now and almost 4 pounds, about as much as an acorn squash weighs. He’s starting to crowd J’s lungs as her uterus (and Jaxson) continue growing upward. All five of his senses are working and he’s reacting to light as well as sleeping on a regular basis. Movements, even tiny ones, can be felt much more easily now that there’s less room in there. Jax knows up from down and can now turn his head side to side too.

Jax is quickly approaching his birth length – only two months left!


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