32.5 Weeks

Okay so I’m a little late to posting this week. Both J and I have been really sick and dealing with all of the fun that comes along with that. Of course, its beginning to get generally uncomfortable for J at this stage of the game anyway, so being so sick on top of that isn’t helping her much at all.

We ended up going to the OB on Tuesday the 11th because J was having trouble breathing due to the cold, so the OB wanted to see her. Her blood oxygen was at 95%, which is NOT acceptable, pregnant or not! The OB called the pulmonologist and had them schedule her in for that morning also. Additionally, the OB asked how J was feeling in general in regards to her asthma, and J finally broke down and expressed her concerns and limitations. She has been barely able to walk from our house to the car without getting winded (forget about grocery shopping, as she’s gasping for breath by the end of it) because she simply just doesn’t have much room for her lungs anymore since Jaxson has been moving upwards. Coupled with her asthma, she’s just not doing well on that front.

So the OB asked if she was ready to be pulled from work and put on rest and reluctantly, J said that yes, she was ready. She filled out all of the disability paperwork for J no problems and sent it over to her HR department. Now we are just waiting for that to all come through and get approved so J can start collecting her disability benefits.

In other news, after almost 2 weeks I am finally starting to feel better from this wicked cold but J is still struggling with it. Unfortunately she can’t take much for it, as the antibiotics didn’t help me at all, so she must suffer through. Our upstairs neighbors are snowbirds and are back in town for who knows how long, clomping about up there like they weigh 500 pounds and are wearing steel-toed boots, hammering incessantly on the floor it sounds like. So J is not only home all day sick, but can’t exactly get any rest due to their noise. Oh neighbors.

We were supposed to have our perinatologist follow-up appointment today with Dr. Morales, however I think the powers-that-be have other plans. First, the secretary called on Monday afternoon to reschedule the appointment for early morning on Tuesday, which we can’t do because I can’t get off of work and had Wednesday afternoon already approved. So after J called back (and with much arguing) she got the secretary to merely push our original 3:00 appointment back to 2:30 instead. Why she didn’t do that in the first place is beyond my comprehension. Not to mention, when J asked why she needed to reschedule on such short notice, the secretary replied, “Well, um, we might close early that day.” Really. No. Regardless, the appointment will not be happening anyway because they called again to now tell us that their office has flooded out and they will be unable to do our follow-up ultrasound. Brilliant. Apparently, we aren’t supposed to go to this appointment just yet!

Its been a very touchy week for sure. Emotions run high when illness strikes, and having two women in various states of sickness and distress in one house can be difficult, but we are making it. Our crazy cat decided to wake us at 4:45 this morning by running around the house and yowling at the walls and banging on our closet doors. Upon further investigation we realized we left down his giant catnip ball and so he was acting insane because he was high. At least due to our early start this morning we had time to go grab a quick breakfast and a giant Starbucks for me to power me through my workday. Yum! 🙂

J’s symptoms of pregnancy have gotten more intense this past week…major heartburn and indigestion and some cramps (which I’m guessing are Braxton-Hicks). Not to mention Jax is REALLY kicking now. You can feel each and every move he makes, and I think he’s finally moved head-down and is getting “locked-and-loaded”. It’s still so hard to believe we are only about 7 weeks away from D-Day! J’s been taking it easy for the most part, although we did venture out this weekend to watch The Hobbit with my family (excellent!) and finish our Hanukkah celebrations at J’s mom’s house (yay!). The next major hurdle is Christmas in less than a week!

I am excited to see what everyone got and how they like the gifts that we got them. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, not for the religious aspects nor the joys of shopping (sooooo not a fan of shopping on any occasion let alone alongside the frantic masses), but because it is always a fun, laid-back time with my family with good food and lots of laughs. I just can’t believe how quickly this year has gone and while I’m thankful for all of the wonderful things that have happened this year, I’m looking forward to what 2013 shall bring!

So without further ado, here is where our not-so-little guy is on the growth charts this week!

Week 32 - JicamaJaxson now measures 17 inches and weighs 4 pounds, about the same size as a jicama. Fun fact for those of you who don’t know (because I didn’t!) a jicama is a type of potato-like vegetable, sometimes substituted for water chestnuts in stir fry because it is cheaper. Jaxson now has full fingernails and toenails as well as hair on that little head of his! (hopefully not too much though LOL)

He’s really getting crowded in there!


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