33 Weeks

Since I posted so late this past week, there isn’t really much to report at this time. Jaxson keeps getting hiccups, so it looks like he is bouncing around all over J’s stomach at times. He still moves and kicks A LOT and I get to feel him quite frequently now. My sister will go up to J and poke her belly and I am just waiting for the day that Jax will poke her back. I think she would freak out!

Christmas is quickly approaching and it is hard to believe that December has come and nearly gone, meaning that 2013 is just around the corner. We survived the Mayan “end of the world” just fine and luckily our Christmas gifts we purchased will not go to waste. I get off work early on Christmas Eve and we are spending the evening with J’s parents and cousin and we are spending the day with my family on Christmas and I am really looking forward to it. My Dad decorated the house this year so it looks very festive. J and I have talked about what we will celebrate at home in the future, and of course Hanukkah is a given. But I have always wanted to have my own tree and while we can’t have a real one due to J’s allergies (and the mess, let’s be honest they shed entirely too much and are way too expensive!), she has agreed to having a fake tree for me to decorate. I don’t see a problem with letting Jax celebrate both holidays, as we each come from a different background, consequently so does he. So next year I am looking forward to picking out a tree with him and hanging stockings. Luckily I have always loved blue and silver tree decorations, so at least our Christmas tree will keep with the Jew color scheme. Maybe Jax will help decorate too, as much as a 10 month old can of course. Perhaps he will just have to supervise this upcoming year. πŸ™‚ I want to make our own stockings too, as J pointed out, we will actually have to have gifts at our house this year instead of just bringing them all to our parents’. I wonder if having a child will help put us all back into the holiday spirit, as it was a little dampened this year. It was just hard to get very excited. My mom says it is just because we are ready for it to be over and for February to be here already because we are more excited for Jax’s arrival. I think she may be right!

We have a few blog followers/friends who have given birth this past week and it is so exciting even though they are so far away and we have never met. Our thoughts have been with R & AW over at Double Trouble Bangkok and their twin girls that were just delivered on the 21st. And then there is C who happened to use our same donor and she had a very adorable baby girl on the 20th. It is amazing to see how much Jaxson’s ultrasound pictures look like the baby, I mean after all they are technically related via our donor. At first we felt a little weird about the whole thing when C first contacted us, after all, it was uncharted territory and just WTF do you do? But I think it will be fun to keep in touch and see how our babies grow and for Jax to know that yes, there is someone else out there much like him. Who knows? It could come in handy some day.

We spent a few hours yesterday putting together the stroller (which was much, much easier to do than the bouncer/swing combo) and getting all of the stuff ready to go into the car to stay (mirror, car seat mat, shopping cart cover, and of course our awesome convertible car seat). I have been waiting for ages to put the car seat in the car and now that January is just around the corner, J says she will let me do it soon. YAY! I get all excited about the baby gear, and we still need to get an alternate car seat for my car so we won’t have to switch it between cars every time. We packed the baby’s bag for the hospital, in the awesome Paul Frank diaper bag we found on sale for $5.00, and picked out an outfit or two (or three) for Jax’s coming home. We weren’t sure how big he would be, hence the couple of outfits to account for varying size. πŸ™‚ J’s bag can’t really be packed just yet since she uses and/or wears most of the items on a daily basis, but we have made a list of what we’ll need to bring for her on D-Day so we are ready. She has been crazy nesting, cleaning everything in sight, and today actually complained to me that she had nothing else to clean. So she settled on doing some laundry. She is really popping out and it is getting hard for her to do the simplest things, like sit for too long, but she is hanging in there and now that her cold is finally going away/gone, it has helped her to cope with pregnancy aches and pains much better.

I can’t believe that we are finally coming to an end of our pregnancy journey and that Jaxson will be here sooner rather than later. There are only 7 weeks to go and incidentally, next Saturday marks our 8th month of pregnancy. There’s really not much time left at all, although it still feels like ages until we will meet our son. After all, it will be next year when he arrives! πŸ™‚

Week 33 - PineappleJaxson is now close to 18 inches long and weighs close to 4.5 pounds this week, similar to a pineapple. His wrinkled skin is smoothing out now and it looks like an alien has taken up residence in J’s stomach at this point. Jaxson is beginning to coordinate breathing with sucking/swallowing, which is a very important skill he’ll need outside of the womb. As a creepy factor, he can sleep with his eyes open now, but let’s hope he doesn’t keep that up once he’s arrived!

Jax is having more major brain development this week – YAY smart baby!


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