34 Weeks

There is only 6 weeks left and it seems like an eternity and such a short amount of time all in one. Christmas was fun and we received some last gifts we needed for Jaxson as well as Target gift cards to buy what we didn’t get as gifts (we got the pack-and-play from my parents and bought a mattress pad and sheets for it). I think our nesting instincts are in overdrive right now as we organize and re-organize all of his things. We have washed all of Jax’s outfits up to 3 months and while we have curbed our outfit buying tendencies, both of our moms have kept buying him outfits (in 6+ month sizes of course!). Needless to say, Jax will want for nothing and be an extremely well-dressed boy if nothing else. 🙂

J went to her OB visit this week and her blood pressure came back a little high at 140/80. J has never had blood pressure problems in her life, but the nurse had her lie on her left side for a while and when they re-checked it, it was perfect again at 110/60. The doctor has given her orders to lie on her left side for at least an hour each day, in addition to the time she spends in bed at night, just to help keep her blood pressure in check. She also has to go back on 1/3 for a blood pressure check again. J also got some crazy news at this appointment – Dr. Carlin, the OB that is taking Dr. Connors place while she’s on medical leave, will be leaving as of January 1st. Apparently there is some issue with the billing for a temporary doctor, so they cannot stay on longer than 60 days. So J is definitely getting some practice in patience and dealing with change during this pregnancy and will see a new doctor starting this week. At least Dr. Connors returns at the beginning of February, so hopefully Jax stays put until then.

However, speaking of Jax’s birthday, we found out some exciting news about J’s labor and delivery. We called the hospital yesterday and asked the labor and delivery unit how many people could be in the delivery room. The nurse said that a few people can be in and out during labor, but during delivery it is generally up to the doctor, but usually it is two people allowed. However, the only exception is for both grandmas and the mother’s partner to be present – so win! Both of our moms should be allowed to be in the room during the delivery. J had waffled back and forth about it for almost the entire pregnancy, but we feel it is really important that they are both there and it looks like they will be. Yay!

Over Christmas we took wagers from both of our families as to what his birthdate, height, and weight will be. We don’t know yet what the prize for being the closest guess will be, but I think it is fun thing to do to pass the time. I wonder who will win? Here are the guesses:

Jaxson Predictions

I can’t believe that we hit the 8 month mark today and are quickly approaching 2013! It is incredible to think that the majority of 2012 was spent getting pregnant and carrying Jax and now, he will be here soon. I can’t believe how much we all love him already and can’t wait to meet him and see everyone’s love for him continue to grow. I know I can’t wait! We go back to Dr. Morales on 1/3 to check on the status of the placenta previa and to measure Jax to make sure he’s growing well. We are both excited to see Jax again! 🙂

Week 34 - Honeydew

Jaxson weighs as much as a honeydew melon now, about 5 pounds. He is also getting really close to his birth height, around 18.5 inches this week. He can recognize and react to songs you sing to him and may even find them soothing once he’s born. Jax should also be descending lower into the pelvis soon, preparing for birth, and giving J a little more breathing room as he moves away from her lungs. The only downside will be that Jax will literally be sitting on her bladder, so she may have to live in the bathroom for a few weeks.

Jax can regulate his body temperature pretty well now thanks to the layers of fat he’s been adding these past few weeks!


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  1. bettijeansuccess
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 09:42:31

    ok, so Im not sure if I got a vote:) but 7lbs 3 oz and on 2/5. And 16 inch.


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