Good News!

J had lots of doctor’s appointments today and luckily they all went very well! She had her first meeting with the new interim OB today, Dr. Johnson, and it went very well! She was very nice and had some good information for J. It was definitely a much smoother meeting than the first time we met Dr. Carlin. Although Dr. Connors doesn’t return until the beginning of February, J did say she would be comfortable with this doctor if she did have to deliver early. J’s blood pressure was perfect as usual, so YAY for no complications with that at least.

J also went to the pulmonologist today and the thrush in her throat from her asthma medications is completely gone. So everything is good there and she doesn’t have to go back to the pulmonologist for another 6 months. The medication seems to be working well for controlling her asthma for now so all is well there.

After I got off of work this afternoon, J picked me up and we went to Dr. Morales together. The ultrasound was painful for J just because Jaxson is taking up so much room in there now! But we got to see him on the screen which is awesome as usual and all of his measurements came back perfect. Not only that, but we got EXCELLENT news today – the placenta has moved up so no more placenta previa! And NO mandatory C-Section either! DOUBLE YAY! We were both so relieved to hear the good news. It was a great doctor day for sure!

Oh and we got to see that Jax does have some hair sprouted on his head (who knew you could see that on an ultrasound?!) and also that he is estimated to weigh around 6 pounds already. Fatty! LOL I guess we will have to wait and see when he’s born, but its looking like some people may have made a better guess than others! 🙂

I am still amazed that we are in the home stretch, although J says that now that we got big relief on our doctor’s appointments, it will be more of a “hurry up and wait” game.  This is probably true, however, I am thinking that time will fly by and Jax will be here before we know it! Our next OB appointment is January 17th and J gets the Strep B test then. Until then, we are enjoying a break from all these doctor’s appointments! 🙂


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  1. L.
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 18:06:30

    Congratulations, ladies! I’m another Todd mama-to-be, and I understand the hesitation you guys feel about making those connections, especially long distance. However, I know you’ve mentioned a mom in NYC (C.?) using the same donor, and I wondered whether you might pass my email address along to her, in case she wants to get in touch at some point, since we’re in the same city? Thanks! And please do feel free to delete this comment; I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch.


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