35 Weeks

I know that I’ve said it a million times, but it is truly amazing that we are in the home stretch. If I sound like a broken record, please know it is because I am just so anxious/excited/nervous/impatient/in awe that our baby boy will be here SOON. Now that the bulk of our doctor’s appointments are over, and after 15 ultrasounds (give or take a few), we are just waiting for Jaxson to arrive. Of course we will start having weekly OB checkups here pretty soon, but other than that, it is time for Jax to keep beefing up and for J and I to keep calm and prepare for our lives to completely and incredibly change.

We’ve got the hospital bag packed, we pre-registered at the hospital, all his Newborn-3 months clothing is washed, his bedding and blankets are washed and ready to go on the crib, the stroller is put together, the car seat is installed, and everything is finally just right in the nursery. We’ve only organized and re-organized it about twenty times in the last 3 months, but that’s okay, because at least we could actively do something to prepare, rather than just sit around and wait. I think that these last 5 weeks will go by the quickest and slowest all at once – quickly because its ONLY 5 more weeks and slowly because its the LAST 5 weeks.

The excitement is definitely building for us and our families too. Now that we have the great news that J no longer has placenta previa, we can plan for a natural birth. Not to knock anyone that does choose to (or has to) have a C-Section, but it was just something we didn’t want to have to go through if we could help it. So it was a huge relief to hear that it wasn’t going to be mandatory. Also, to go along with our natural birth, that means that both of our moms can be in the delivery room. If we had had to have a C-Section, it would have just been me allowed to go in, which would have been fine, but if at all possible we wanted our moms to experience this with us too. I know they are so excited! 🙂

Now that we are down the wire, sleep is the most important thing J needs, but due to major heartburn, Jax’s hiccups and kicks, difficulty breathing, me snoring/humming in my sleep, Bubba (our cat) yowling at the walls or generally being noisy…sleep is a luxury J isn’t able to indulge in much lately. Yet, despite immense exhaustion resulting from said lack of sleep, J’s nesting instincts have been in overdrive lately and now that she is stuck at home all day, she doesn’t have anything better to do than clean. I have to say, I like our arrangement of her being a stay-at-home mom a lot so far. It feels good to come home to a nice clean house each day after work, and once Jaxson is here, it will be nice to know that he hasn’t been stuck in daycare all day with someone else caring for him. Don’t get me wrong – once he is potty-trained or close to it, he’ll be going to daycare! But for now, while he’s an infant, I like that one of us will be home with him to care for him and enjoy all the special moments of babyhood. I love coming home to my wife at the end of my day now, and I am looking forward to coming home to my family at the end of the day in a little over a month.

Thirty-six days and counting…Wow.

Week 35 - Coconut

J’s uterus is now about 1,000 times its usual size, growing from about the size of a fist, and now rests just under her rib cage at this point. I’m sure it feels like she’s carrying around a basketball, one that kicks and punches! Jax can hear everything now that his hearing is fully developed, and responds best to high-pitched noises (they penetrate the womb the best). He’s weighing about as much as a coconut now, just over 6 pounds and is topping out around 19 inches. He is head-down now and locked and loaded and ready for D-Day!

Jax won’t be doing somersaults anymore, but his kicks and punches should remain just as frequent.


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