37 Weeks

After (literally) months of waiting, the baby watch has officially started! While I know it is entirely unlikely that Jax will appear on time, or even early, the usual time frame for babies being born starts this week and stretches to 41 weeks (although we really hope not!). There are 22 days left until his due date, and while my mom says I should stop counting to avoid a negative number when he’s running late, I can’t!

Everything that we could possibly have ready and prepared ahead of time is done, to the point where we look around the nursery for something to do/wash/clean/etc and end up sadly saying, “Well, I guess we’re all done here.” Except for actually having a baby in the crib, of course. 🙂

I got to go to the OB visit this Thursday and meet Dr. Johnson…BIG FAN! Finally, we got an interim doctor that we really like and get along with. Not only is she very down-to-earth and calms J’s nerves, but she included me 100% in the visit too. We all talked about our concerns regarding labor, such as what to do and when to call them and/or come in or go to the hospital. We talked about pain management during labor and Dr. Johnson calmed J’s fears about getting an epidural and asked us to sit down and really think about what we wanted and devise a birth objectives list. She doesn’t call them birth plans, because like with all plans that are made, something almost always goes against the plan. She also gave me some expectations about my role in the labor and delivery process, which I liked.

I finally got my ducks in a row and emailed L in NYC and P in Germany back after they reached out to me on the blog. Our initial apprehension about the whole thing has dissolved and I think it is great to find others with common ground, even around the world. The one thing that I liked, is that all of us aren’t sure how in touch we’d like to be over the years, but we do agree that some sort of contact is a good idea. So at least we are all on the same page. I got a very nice reply back from L in NYC – she and her wife are due in May. I am SO glad to have found another lesbian couple that is sharing our journey, as that is something very rare to come by, especially where we live. I am glad that this blog has helped us all to connect and I hope that if there is anyone else out there that used Todd as their donor, that they too will get in touch. Consider this an open invitation!

We started cake decorating classes last week…it was fine and we learned some good tips about cake baking that we hadn’t thought of and that could translate over to baking cheesecakes as well. We did some basic cookie decorating and the only hiccup in the night was the usual question from the instructor, “Are you two sisters?” She was nice about it when we politely said “No, this is my wife.” and moved on. However, the woman sitting next to J then proceeded to act as if we had the plague and she would catch the gay if she touched anything of ours. She scooted her chair over, would barely take paperwork from J when we had to pass it around, and was generally overwhelmingly homophobic. This is not something we are new to, unfortunately, and afterwards this woman and the instructor were talking about the church service they attended on Sunday, and it all made sense. I grew up in a Christian setting, so I understand where they are coming from, but unfortunately many of them get confused at the “hate the sin, love the sinner” mantra and drop everything but the “hate” part. One of my best friends is 100% Christian and has NEVER treated me in a poor manner because I am gay, so to have the majority of other Christians treat us with such contempt is really upsetting.

I know that the road ahead for us, and for Jax too, is one that will be challenging at times. But I hope that we instill in Jax a good sense of self and appreciation and love for all others, regardless of their race, creed, gender, or sexual preference. I hope that we raise a well-rounded boy, that is good and kind and loving, yet strong and willing to stand up for himself and others. I guess that is all that any parent – gay, straight, or single – could ever hope to achieve. See, we’re not that different from each other after all. 🙂

Week 37 - Winter Melon

I’ve never heard of a winter melon, but that’s how much Jax weighs this week, about 7 pounds. He is considered full-term now and if he decided to make his big debut, he would most likely be ready to take on the world with little to no problems. He may have a full head of hair already (if he’s anything like J he might come out with a full-on afro!) and he’s already preparing his first poop for us to change his diaper. He keeps on practicing inhaling and exhaling, sucking, gripping, and blinking, and of course some kickboxing moves too. His hiccups are a daily occurrence now (sometimes many times a day) and its funny to see J’s stomach rolling around from his movements.

I hope Jaxson is just as ready to meet us as we are to meet him!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lifewithpinkprincesses
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 08:19:05

    I’m 37 weeks this tuesday. I just want her to hurry up so we can meet her x.


  2. birminghambell
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 00:14:18

    You’d think in 2013 people wouldn’t act like they were fearful of “catching the gayness”!!! As a straight woman I would’ve been pissed if I’d seen someone act like that to another person! STUPID! Hope J’s 37th week is a good one, it gets hard at the end! I’m whining about being 30 weeks so I may just have to go into hiding when I hit 35 weeks or I will run everyone off with my complaining!


    • B
      Jan 21, 2013 @ 08:03:48

      It is definitely getting harder, but at least the end is in sight! And the reward is well worth the discomfort 🙂


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