38 Weeks

There isn’t much to say today, except that there are only 15 more days until our due date! Within two weeks we could be holding our son in our arms and wondering just what we ever did without him. Until then, there is not much else to do except for wait…wait…wait.

We’ve done our practice runs to the hospital (convenient since it is right next to our OB’s office) and packed our bags for J and Jax. We know when to call the OB or head to the hospital. Everyone’s on standby and my work knows I’m taking the week off right after he’s born. I think we are ready…now if only Jax would get the memo to hurry up! 😉

J has begun feeling Braxton Hick’s contractions on a daily basis. She’s had a couple episodes so far today in fact. So we know her body is getting ready and it is really just a matter of time before Jax makes his big debut. YAY!

And since Jax is the length of a leek this week, I thought the following picture was fitting and funny. We took it forever ago while grocery shopping…who knew it would ever be relevant?! So here you go, this is me being a geek with a leek. 🙂

B & the Leek

Hope everyone has a great day today! 🙂

Week 38 - Leek

Jaxson is just as tall if not taller than a leek now and is weighing somewhere between the average birth weight, between 7 and 10 pounds. The white coating on his skin, the vernix caseosa, is slowly shedding since he won’t need waterproof protection for much longer. His eyes have color now, but it will probably darken in the months after he’s born. We are both hoping that he’ll have green eyes like J, but I guess we will have to wait to see! He’s got a firm grip and all of his organs are ready for outside life now.

Jaxson is ready for the world, but is the world ready for him?


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