Being a parent is hard sometimes. Like, really hard. Sure there are the times when it is all worth it, like when Jaxson is cooing and staring at you with awe like you are the coolest thing he’s ever seen (who knows, it could be true!). But then there are the nights like we’ve been having lately, where we both just want to run away from home for a little bit and sleep.

Jax has been really constipated since switching over to soy formula. His throwing up issues have gotten much better, and he only seems to vomit when he’s backed up in the poo factory. We’ve tried everything under the sun to help our little guy out, and then he finally has a great poo. Alas, it is a short-lived victory and within a day or so he’s back to (irregular) normalcy. Poor little Crunch.

It has been trying at times, for sure. There have been many tears shared among us at 3 am feedings and insecurities unloosed at the most inopportune times. But we’re getting through it. I think perhaps the worst part is the fact that anytime we go anywhere, Jax is absolutely perfect. He eats, poops, sleeps when we want/need him to. But as soon as we get home, the insanity starts all over. I really think people are beginning to think we’re mental, talking about his fits and potty troubles, but I promise, it is true. He is a GOOD baby, I’m not saying that at all. We couldn’t have a better baby! I just wish that we were able to remedy him sooner than later and for good.

Regardless, there are plus sides to parenthood. I mean, just look at this face!


His bib is definitely telling the truth.

He is such a love! He really enjoys bathtime and last night we gave him a good soak in the big tub (he was nestled safely in his baby tub of course) to help with his belly troubles and although we make him do it, he really HATES tummy time. He’s eating like a champ now, averaging between 5-7 ounces at a go and last Friday we weighed him in at 11.2 pounds. He still has some time before his next Dr. visit to chunk up those thighs for his two-month shots! His eyes are still this wonderful dark blue color, and we both think they will end up being green. Either way, he is so handsome and everyone we meet seems to fall in love with him instantly. He makes this face all the time where he crunches everything up, including his body. I started calling him Crunchy from the start and it has stuck as his nickname. I suppose it could be much, much worse!

So aside from being full of poo (literally) he’s an amazing addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier. Well….we could be happier with a solid 6 hours of sleep, but that is still yet to come. 😉

Here are some videos of the little man at bathtime and playtime. I love his little Crunchy face! He is very serious most of the time and therefore we are still waiting for a real smile, not one resulting from gas or dreaming about food. 🙂


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  1. birminghambell
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 00:10:41

    It will get better, I promise! I remember that stage with Harper, where she would wake up and be the sweetest baby in the entire world, and then someone would replace her with an angry version of herself! There were days where I just had to lay her down for her nap and go in the front yard and pick weeds for 5 minutes for the quietness. Those 5 minutes made a difference too! John would always know if I had a hard day because the garden would be half way weeded when he got home! Newborn days are much harder than when you get into the 8-15 month stages, they become easier to please because you can communicate better, you get more experience under your belt as to what will make them extra happy- sometimes it’s a nap, sometimes it’s a banana. Whatever it takes 🙂


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