Better Late Than Never (2 Month Update)

Well its almost Jax’s 3rd month and I am just now sitting down to write about his 2nd month. Bad Mama B! I kept meaning to sit down and write, but with all the homework, laundry, dishes, and of course my wife and Jaxson himself, I found myself with little time to blog. It has been a busy whirlwind since the day he arrived, but now I can safely say that things are FINALLY starting to settle down (knock on wood)! So let’s catch up!

Last I wrote, we were struggling with soy formula, constipation, and sleepless nights…its hard to believe that was two months ago already while still seeming like just yesterday. Our little guy is growing up so fast! Here’s what’s happened in month #2:

    • Our pediatrician sent Jaxson for an ultrasound of his abdomen due to his incessant vomitting. They wanted to rule out if he had weakness in the connection between his stomach and intestines, which would have required surgery. Apparently this condition is quite common in first-born male babies, especially those of Jewish descent! Luckily for us, Jaxson was just fine, just experiencing some wicked reflux.
    • Our pediatrician decided to try him on Similac Alimentum with AMAZING results. While he still pukes like crazy occasionally (I guess everyone has their bad days, even babies), his constipation is completely resolved and he is finally able to sleep without waking up and crying in pain.

Jaxson had his first set of shots at the beginning of April. He barely made a peep and was such a little champ! He weighed almost 12 pounds and everything is on track to show we have a healthy baby boy.Smiles have started! Let me tell you, this boy is going to be a heartbreaker with that smile and those dimples! Its still like pulling teeth to get a smile out of this serious guy, but its soooo worth the extra effort!We’ve decided his favorite color must be brown. When we are holding him in our living room, we have a brown curtain dividing part of the room, and Jax just stares at it. He’ll even start babbling to it! I don’t know what it is about it, but Brown Curtain is his new BFF.He’s starting to hold his head up better and for longer periods of time. Can’t wait until he can sit up on his own!And last but not least, his 2 month pictures! 🙂

Jax 2 months1

Jax 2 month2

I promise to work harder at keeping everything up to date on the blog. Now that things are finally falling into a routine and we’re not crazed from sleep deprivation, it should be much easier to keep up with! Jax will be 3 months at the end of this month (April), so look forward to another post then! 🙂


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  1. Roxxroxx
    May 26, 2013 @ 21:27:58

    I’m still here, following you guys, but there is not too much time to write, as you’d imagine! Sorry it seems like your gorgeous little man has presented you with some challenges. Looking forward to the next update!


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