Three Month Magic

We keep hearing everyone tell us that when babies reach three months, it is like a switch gets flipped. All of a sudden they are magically transformed into a baby that is cute and cuddly and low(er) maintenance, and the woes of the previous three months vanish in the light of their wonderful smiles. I don’t know about all that yet, but I will say that things have markedly improved and we are finally able to step back, relax, and enjoy life with our son!

April has been a busy month for us, and Jaxson is getting so big! We don’t go back to the pediatrician until the beginning of July, but we weighed him on our bathroom scale and he was about 14 pounds already! I have to put a pillow under my arm when I’m holding him to feed him, or else I think my arm would literally fall off. I’m sure you are all anxious to hear what our little man has been up to this month, so without further ado, here’s what’s up in month #3! πŸ™‚

  • Jaxson’s personality is really starting to shine! While he is usually a very serious baby, he doesn’t hesitate to smile and even laugh when he’s up on the changing table. He likes to have playtime up there and he furiously kicks his legs like he’s slamming on the gas pedal of a race car! His favorite word appears to be “fart” as in….”Jaxson, did you fart?” to which he replies with a huge grin, a few coos, and a hearty chuckle. Oh boy…we’re wondering if that will be his first word!
  • He can now hold his head up for a pretty good length of time when you’re holding him, and he will pull himself up to a sitting position if you hold his hands. It is surprising how strong a baby really is! He also likes to sit with you helping him, so I’m sure he’s ready to be able to sit up just as much as we are.
  • He prefers to sleep on his stomach, although he only gets to do so during nap times until he can roll over by himself. He is halfway there, rolling from his back to his side, but not the opposite just yet. He still sleeps in the swing at night to help with his reflux, which has gotten so much better since being on the Alimentum formula, and he’s averaging about 6 hours straight in a night usually. He even slept for 10 hours this past weekend…WOW!
  • Jaxson had his first road trip over to Tampa for his cousin’s third birthday party. It was the first time he’d traveled further than J’s mom’s house (about 45 minutes away from us) and he did great! He got to meet his cousins for the first time and he and Caden (who is about six months older than Jax) got along really well. They are both such sweet babies and I think they will grow up to be BFFs!
  • Bathtime remains a favorite activity and he loves to splash in the water and kick his legs. J usually gives the baths and they have a grand old time! I can’t wait until the pool at my mom’s house warms up enough so we can all go in together! I think he is going to be a water baby for sure, and my mom got him a baby floaty so he is safe in the pool when the time comes.
  • His eyes are still this crazy blue color and we are starting to think they may end up staying that way. We definitely think they won’t be brown, and since all of the other TODDlings we have encountered have blue eyes too, the odds are in our favor that his will be staying the same, or at least staying lighter in color. Between that and the dimples, we’ll be fighting the girls off with a stick when he gets older!
  • And the much-anticipated three month picture is below! πŸ™‚


And here are some others, too:image


This month also holds a special day for J and I – April 27th was our first wedding anniversary. Now that Jaxson’s issues have started sorting themselves out and we now have a normal baby (as normal as babies can get at least!), we’ve finally started finding our way back to ourselves and each other again. We’ve started back to eating healthy and working on losing the baby weight (yes, both of us have baby weight to lose!) and are organizing our finances so we can hopefully buy a house by the end of the year. We’ve been getting Jax into a bedtime routine so that J and I have at least an hour each night to just be together and focus on our relationship. It has been a lot calmer around our house, which is not to say there haven’t been bad days or issues we’ve been working through, but its getting easier instead of harder and the number of problems and bad days are lessening instead of increasing. That’s all we have been asking for since day one, so it looks like three months is going to hold some magic for us after all. πŸ™‚


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