Fourth Month’s A Charm

Well, the third month of Jaxson’s life was markedly better than the previous two, but the fourth month really knocked it out of the park. We started him on the liquid Prevacid for the acid reflux and also started adding a little bit of rice cereal to his bottles. It took a few days but now his vomitting is almost non-existent. Not to say that he doesn’t still throw up, it is just much less frequent than before! Plus you can tell that he isn’t constantly in pain/discomfort anymore which is really the best perk to starting him on the meds.

At four months, he’s turned from a blobby newborn into an adorable, fun, and cuddly little person. He had his four month shots and did wonderfully. He barely cried and while he was a little cranky the rest of the day, he still was such a champ! All of the nurses like to come visit him whenever he goes to the doctor so he is already a very popular boy with the ladies. He was 26 inches long and weighed in at 15 lb 13 oz, 8 lb more than when he was born!

He has consistently and adamantly hated tummy time throughout his entire life, but he is finally starting to get better with it. He usually throws a tantrum and screams bloody murder, but now we get at least 10 minutes of quiet grunting before the screaming starts. Jax is really starting to get strong and he can now push himself up on his arms for quite a bit of time. He is also really trying to roll over and I am sure that will be his next big move in the following month – he’s so close! We also got him a walker too so he can work on sitting up on his own (boy does he try!) since he isn’t a fan of tummy time and he loves it. And we love it so he doesn’t end up with a weird shaped head! πŸ˜‰

Perhaps one of the biggest accomplishments of this month is the fact that he no longer is stuck sleeping sitting up in the car seat anymore, he can now lay in the crib thanks to his acid reflux being under control! We did get one of those crib wedges to slightly elevate the head of his crib mattress, which is helpful too, but just the fact that we can just put him to bed like a normal baby is so exciting. Not only that, but he is now sleeping through the night 98% of the time! And I mean he sleeps THROUGH the night, going down between 8 and 9 p.m. and getting up around 7 or 8 a.m. What a blessing, let me tell you! It’s so nice to wake up and feel mostly human in the mornings again. πŸ™‚

Another big step he’s taken this month is that he is now eating rice cereal in his bottle as well as from a spoon! He has also had green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, and bananas so far and has done wonderfully. He loved the bananas, green beans, and squash and turned up his nose and made horrible faces with the others so we’ll just have to keep trying those. He really enjoys eating like a big boy and even when he doesn’t really like a food he will still eat it anyway. I hope he won’t be a picky eater like his Llama!

Wait a minute – Llama? Who/what the heck is that? Well, that’s what we call J, since it sounds like “mama”. So what’s my name? Wait for it…Zombie! Now before you think we’re insane, let me tell you why. I had a dream that Jaxson was running around the house (obviously he was older) and he kept yelling for me, but instead of saying “Mama B” he kept saying “Zombie! Zombie!”. I woke up and told J about it and she cracked up – and it stuck. She didn’t want to be left out and so since Mama sounds like Llama, that’s what she became. No telling if either name will stick with us in the future, but for now its pretty fun to say, “Zombie loves you!” and “Who’s your Llama?”

By the way, Jax’s smiles are getting much more frequent. He makes you work for them, that’s the truth, but they come easier than the did before. He still loves playtime on the changing table but he has now started smiling when you get him out of the crib in the morning. You just have to say “good morning!” and he gets all excited and gives you a great big grin. He is such a love, he will even hug you a little when you snuggle him, and he likes to snuggle up on my shoulder and gum at my neck (I think the Zombie thing is catching on LOL). I’ve started reading stories to him at nighttime before bed, which is a tradition I’ve been looking forward to starting.

It is so fun to see him becoming a little person and he has a big personality. Although he’s serious a lot of the time, his smiles are worth it. He even has a favorite color (brown) and animal (monkey) already! We were talking the other day about what we thought he might be when he grows up and we both think he may be a chef because he loves food and cooking shows! Sometimes if a cartoon show is on that he doesn’t like, we will flip over to Food Network and he’s captivated.

Well, I think I’ve rambled enough about what’s going on in Jaxson Land, so here’s a couple of his four month pictures. WARNING: Cuteness Overload!




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