Five Months

I am going to present this blog a little differently this time, more of an overview of Jaxson’s “adventures” this past month. So here goes:

1. Eating: Jax was doing great with eating 1st foods (green beans, squash, pears, peaches, etc) until he started getting constipated. We were having to give him Miralax a couple days a week, which was unsettling enough, and then we read an article about a study done where using Miralax in infants caused all sorts of neurological issues and other problems such as autism. Not fun. So we threw out the Miralax and cut out feeding him food and cereal until he got regular again. He’s back to eating cereal once a day (versus three times a day as before) and while he’s back to puking more because of his majority bottle feeding, he has been regular and feeling much better. We will try again at 6 months when his belly is a little more developed! He is still doing very well on the Prevacid but we are going to start weaning him down once he’s 6 months as well, doctor’s orders.

2. Sleeping: He is a champ at sleeping at night – we really got lucky here. Every night we have a routine down that one of us gives him his bath (although now it is a shower with him sitting in his little bath seat and enjoying the water coming from the shower head – he really gets a kick out of trying to eat it!) and then we get him ready for bed. He’s sleeping solidly through the night without a peep and has perfected the art of waking in the night and putting himself back to sleep. Sometimes in the mornings on the weekends we won’t get him up right away and he’ll even go back to sleep then to allow us just a couple more hours to “sleep in”. YAY! Now if only he would nap during the day again, as he’s now started on a kick where he refuses to nap more than 20 minutes to an hour (if you’re lucky!), and becomes a holy terror. We can’t wait for this phase to end!

3. Playing: We bought Jax a walker but didn’t put the rollers on it yet, so basically it is just a stationary seat so he can “stand” and play with the toys on the tray. He loves it! He drools more than a dog now so by the time he’s done playing he is completely soaked, but he has fun and it keeps him occupied and not stuck lying down all day. We also got him a Bumbo seat and while he’s not a fan of having his legs semi-restrained, he does seem to like being able to sit up like a big boy and it has really helped him with that. Not to mention, he also gets tummy time on the floor once or twice a day and has now mastered rolling over, though he usually has to get pretty mad to do it and then promptly gives up once he succeeds a few times. You can just see him thinking, “Geez Moms, haven’t I done this enough times already? Let’s eat!”

4. Family: Jaxson loves Bubba, our Manx cat. We actually just got Bubba shaved down for the first time and it has helped with his and our allergies and now he is super soft. Jax is so gentle with him, he just opens his hand up and kind of pats Bubba and Bubba just lets him and merely walks away when he’s had enough. Bubba didn’t seem like he really cared either way at first, but now you’ll catch him sneaking “kisses” (licking) Jax’s feet if we’re holding him. They are our sweet boys!

5. Jax’s Interests: Disney Jr. is the bomb. The fact that we have the theme songs to all of the shows memorized just goes to prove that our lives have been taken over by this child. LOL Jax loves watching Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves the little shorts like Big Block Sing Song. We happened to be in Target the other day and found this giant Doc McStuffins toy and showed it to Jax – I thought we would have to buy it to get out of the store he loved it so much. A friend’s mom bought him a monkey toy that plays lullaby type music and he can’t go to sleep without it now, he just stares at it until he finally falls asleep each night. And after our initial attempt at pool time last month (which ended with Jax screaming in terror and hanging out with Grandpa watching TV instead), we tried again this past weekend and he really enjoyed himself!

6. Life in General: BIG changes are coming to the Jones’ household, namely, WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! I’ve kept this sort of under wraps over the past month just until we got everything finalized but we are SO super excited to be purchasing a home. It is stressful, crazy, terrifying, and just a little overwhelming but it will be so worth it once we are there. We really wanted Jax (and any future children!) to have a home to grow up in since neither of us had a permanent childhood home. You don’t realize how important things like having a best friend from Kindergarten on is or how devastating moving in the middle of a school year can be until you live it. We are closing at the end of this month, so our apartment is filled with boxes and looking bare. We are just so happy that we found the perfect house in the perfect location and have our white picket fence ending, figuratively speaking of course.

7. Five Month Pictures: I know this is the part of the blog everyone waits for! This kid seriously gets cuter by the minute, its ridiculous! People now stop us, not only in the grocery store, but in drive-thru’s to sneak a peek at him. He is such a little celebrity and just loooooves the attention. So without further ado, here are his photos from this month, which also happened to be his 1st Fourth of July too. Enjoy! πŸ™‚




Isn’t he SO cute! He has such a great little personality and he is just a big love. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful little boy in our lives. J keeps asking me if I’m ready to have our next baby yet! Truth is, that yes, I am, but we have a house to buy and get settled before we tackle that adventure again! Stay tuned – I promise to start writing more instead of just once a month. πŸ™‚


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