Good Karma

As I’m writing this, J and I are sitting on our back porch enjoying this gloomy day while the boy is napping. He always sleeps the best on overcast and rainy days. They call Florida the Sunshine State, but its the summer days like these that I really enjoy. The rumbles of the thunder and the lull of the rain are soothing and it feels like…home.

We’ve been living here for a month now and couldn’t be happier. We got moved in and unpacked pretty quickly, but we are just now getting around to the deep cleaning, scrubbing the floors and showers and really making our place shine. Every day J and I wake up and can’t believe this is our house, and when I come home from work I can’t believe we are so lucky to live here.

I’m a firm believer in karma, that you get back what you put into this world. J and I try to be good people and set a good example for our son on how to behave and live a good life. I hope that we are succeeding. Good people are hard to come by in this world, so if we can contribute one (or two!) more to the mix, we’ll be happy moms. I think we’re sowing good karma, and I think we’re gaining it as well. Our lives are wonderful and I don’t think that we could be happier.

Our boy is amazing and we are so grateful. There are so many people who can’t or struggle to have children, and now that he’s here, I can’t imagine not having him. Even on the “bad” days where we want to pull out our hair – when he’s spitting or hitting you on purpose, kicking you in the crotch, and shrieking bloody murder – the sweet moment that you get to kiss him goodnight and give him one last snuggle before laying him down make it all worth it. We are so lucky to have such a good boy.

Jax is going to be 7 months this weekend and he was trying to crawl last night! He was trying with all of his might to push himself forward toward his nu-nu (pacifier). He made one or two little scoots but that was it before he got distracted by Bubba playing with a toy. You can see him thinking now, like real thoughts, and his crab-grab (where you pinch your thumb and pointer finger together) is in full swing. He’s got Forbes 500 hair by day and enough to have a faux-hawk at night. His personality is emerging and while he can be a bit stubborn sometimes, he can be as sweet as pie the next, hugging your neck and “kissing” you (which is more like him gumming your face).

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by, but yet so little of it. We see old pictures of when he was first born and are just in awe that we even have a baby. At the same time, it feels like he has always been a part of us, a missing puzzle piece. He is such a combination of us, and the rest of our families. Jaxson has a little bit of all of us in him, in looks and in personality . I think it is just shows that genetics don’t make a family, love does. And boy is he loved. đŸ™‚





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